The power of forgiveness can unite the world.

International Day of Forgiveness - August 2nd, 2015

Forgiveness opens the door to love.  It can be extremely hard to forgive ourselves or others for pain we feel deeply in our hearts.  It is when we forgive that we create an opening for transformation.

There is so much pain, anger, and violence being expressed in the world right now.  We have a responsibility to step up as leaders and forgive in our own lives and, eventually, it will create a wave that sweeps across the world.

Join us and forgive one person in your life every day leading up to International Day of Forgiveness and share your stories here on this page.

I invite you take a single step towards creating a kinder humanity by forgiving one person in your life. And I want to hear your story. Send it in.



July 20, 2017

I met a guy, he was charming, polite, and we soon become close friends. We started dating and we enjoyed each others company. He was my best friend, and I felt like I had the whole sky when I was with him. We had such a deep connection and I always just wanted his best and I wanted to see him happy. No matter what. Some months into this friendship I found out he had a girlfriend, who had 3 kids. He told me they were only friends, and that they had tried together so long and that this was the last time to really test if they were getting together. Her kids was so close to him and he always tried to help this family, and I admired that. But as hard as it was I had to accept their relationship, I remain friends with him. Friends who always wanted something more than being just that and longing for each other. Friends who looked at each other in a way friends shouldn’t – friends that touch each other in a way they shouldn’t. He was miserable in his relationship. You know when someone is enlighten and happy, and their face is somehow glowing? Well, his face was no longer glowing, he was darker and he looked 10 years older. I told him I was here for him. And I always were. They fought a lot, he often slept at my place. He was actually a very rich man, living very comfortable, but it made me realise that he was only rich in money, and didn’t really understand what love was. He once came crying to me, she was pregnant and there was nothing for him to do. I told him not to worry and that he would love his kid no matter what. Needless to say, I backed off, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I watched him fade away. But I do know that I tried, I tried so hard. Today she is living in a house he bought on the other side of the world, while he is still back in his old place. He travels to see her and the kids once a month. He tells me he is in love with her. But when I meet him I see his face, we can’t get close enough. Hard as it is I know that we can never be together. And I have to break my own heart once and for all. I think he is my twin soul and it hurts a lot. So the forgiving part:

Dear ______ I forgive you. I forgive you for not realising what love really means. I forgive you for not taking care off yourself and let everyone else step on you. I forgive you for leaving me, and I forgive you for making me love you. I forgive you.

I accept the “challenge” of forgiving someone each day until August 2nd. I wish I was at a place where I could say that I will start with forgiving myself, but I am not there yet. So instead I will start with forgiving those in my life that I have disagreed with and in turn has caused harsh feelings of division. We are all on the same team.

I am not sure I can forgive, but I am willing too…The closest people of my father stabbed the knife in his back and betrayed him suddenly, out of nowhere, previously smiling like everything is Ok. What I know is that I want to forget those people, and the pain that they caused to my family…and I am, slowly progressing… I can only forgive them bicause they don’t know what being human means. I can forgive them because I know that they are creating what they make…So, I am forgiving because of myself and my family ..because want to live with high vibrations of my soul :*

When I was a child my father was the center of my universe. I adored him. Then, one day he showed me a side of himself that wasn’t loving. He terrified me and it scarred me for many years. In later years, I felt unaccepted and essentially unloved by him. Like I was an afterthought to himself. I felt unsupported though I desperately wanted and needed it. As I grew older, the resentment for his not living up to my expectation of what a father should be to his daughter remained and blocked me from truly loving him and myself. Lack of forgiveness of his being unaware of who he really is, which is divine love in this physical form, blocked me from experiencing myself as that love. Once I was able to love him unconditionally as the man he is, to forgive him, I was able to open myself up to more love. That ultimately increases the amount of love in the world. It’s our individual responsibility to do this, to practice ho’onoponopono, forgiveness and love. Love to you all.

Where are we placing ourselves when forgiving?
Who is ultimately the One who forgives?

Therefore, when we “forgive”, we are placing ouselves on His level. The person who is “forgiven” in this situation, will never again be equal to us. The one who “forgives” will be in the higher position and the “forgiven one” in the lower.
Therefore, this persin will never again recover his self esteem.
What Bert Hellinger, the father of Family Constellations propose is TO ACCEPT that the other has acted the way he has.
Then, we are in peace!

I forgive my Ego for tormenting me for more than 22 years with the fear of food and the fear of fat, my ego conditioned my mind to manipulate my physical self every time I ate, feeling full would translate as fat, what was enough what wasn’t enough, how much energy is in this food and that food was exhausting, and then all the vomiting and guilt associated with the waste, was so sickening and I was tired, lethargic, and unsociable.
Thankfully I now understand the mind, I understand the ego and more importantly I understand consciousness. Quieting the mind and learning the power of awareness is very healing, being more conscious of my thoughts has enabled me to recognise the ego and I am now capable of turning what my ego would convince me as my weakness into my strength. I am forgiving my ego which I would once be so angry about for waisting so many of my years, however now I am able to be grateful and so thank you as it is this an experience which is awakening me!

I forgive myself! I forgive myself for believing the lies separating me from my true self. I forgive myself for accepting all the guilt, shame, unloveableness, unworthiness and abuse as a child which created self loathing and self hatred as an adult. I forgive myself for hurting others in this choosing. I forgive myself for all the wrong choices, the anger and self inflicted pain. As I forgive myself I forgive all others for I am one with all my brothers and sisters. I set myself free in forgiveness for in forgiveness there is true love. I forgive myself completely and unconditionally as I do all others. Forgiveness is the key to healing and the gateway to infinite love and wholeness. As I forgive so shall I be forgiven. Herein lies true salvation. Namaste

My experience on forgiveness. ( Check out my blog on forgiveness at )
This experience will let you know how i transformed my inner character when I was forgiven for an unexpected sin I committed.

Now I want you to know the true story of how forgiveness brought a truly concrete change in my moral life. It’s a confession that I have rarely discussed with anyone from my contacts.

It was April 2015 I was with some of my friends at my alma mater, in a hostel. And due to some misconceptions, I befriended some toxic, immoral, fake & corrupted fellow mates to which I further regretted the most. And one poor afternoon I got engaged with them in stealing some currency notes from our warden’s office. And this was the first biggest & the worst ever mistake of my life which I never even dreamt of. And despite of being so honest about my values and character I let them push me into this crime of stealing money. And to be honest I couldn’t sleep the whole night, thinking of how insane I became by this unnatural greed of money and I myself darkened my crystal clear character with shades of unacceptable sin. But I had no guts to go & accept the truth & surrender. And fortunately no one really figured out the mystery behind that insane game of ours, and it successfully managed to remain a clandestine task by us. And few days later, my then friends convinced me to use that money &I was foolish to spend it on my personal expenses of no productive good use. Months passed by and no one could even smell a hint of that sin.

4-5 months later, fortunately we had our school administrator around us discussing everything we needed to talk about. And somehow he got to know about that sin we committed months ago. He wanted me to accept it without him bringing the topic. He indirectly hinted me to do that and recite the whole incident happened that afternoon, but I had no guts to accept that and I was afraid to lose my character and make it a mess by stains of the crime I committed. But once he called me and inquired about it, I was terribly afraid to speak about it, of course he could have been furious to keep that incident secret from him, but somehow he managed to convince me that I could overcome this fear of the misdeed I was into and speak out everything I knew. I started up with the details I was aware of. And discussing the same it had been 2:30 am in midnight. I expected him to get furious and punish me badly I was trying to be mentally prepared for his burning reactions to it. But to my ultimate, unexpected, never wondered surprise, he explained me very calmly and tangibly of how could I have managed the consequences to roll on the other side. He taught me the most important life lessons that I ever learnt and I was so shocked and reactionless for a moment. But his shower of forgiveness made me introspect and wash out my stained character, and reconstruct a better outlook to my further life. And fortunately this brought a turning point in my life. After realising this incident, I never committed a similar mistake/sin, and eventually improved myself morally. So this was probably the best kind of change that I have ever experienced in my life till date. And the core emotional change bringing asset used here was the shower of Forgiveness. Thus I feel that forgiving someone is the most notable emotional change one can bring in others.

Thank you for reading so much.

I want to forgive my ex. He left me quite suddently at a very hard moment in my life, after giving me hard times. It’s been a few years now, but I feel I haven’t taken the full step into forgiving him. So, Joris, with all my heart and soul, I forgive you for the pain you gave me, and I thank you for everything. Jools

I forgive those who did not or do not “get me”. I forgive myself for not assuring that they do “get me”. Love does not go away, it can become clouded by misunderstanding or circumstances or complications. I forgive those things and embrace the love for you and for me.

I forgive the 2 Catholic priests that sexually abused me for years as a child. I am a survivor, not a victim. I learned compassion for others; I learned to kinder to myself and to forgive myself for the negative impact it had on my adult life. I am healed, I am at peace.

I did a live broadcast on periscope sharing this and a guided meditation here is the replay thank you for co-creating #Forgiveness going viral I will help everyway I can!!!

Tansi & hello…. I’ve been forgiving a rather large group of people for most of the past two years now. They are the ones partaking in the raping of our dear sweet Mother Earth. With all the fracking going on, the gouging and placement of pipelines, the poisoning of the Waters with tailings ponds and the sort. I realize that in their minds they somehow think “it’s for the betterment of mankind” or making “life easier” or it could be just for the money and prestige but in any case, I ask for forgiveness for they not know what they do…. I forgive them and pray that they may someday see the error in their ways. The Human Race was not always dependant on oil, there are better ways…may take a lot more work and time but in reality – least the next generations will witness and enjoy what we have – living waters, green grass & trees, semi-clean air :) So, that is my story I’d like to share with yous. We must forgive our Selves as well as those who do harm. It is the way

I lay here so tired and drained due to menopause, and just so much going on within my life of positive changes. I have been in tears these past few days, and thinking of all my past Lovers/Partners and wife whom I thought to myself we would grow old together. Sad this did not happen, and I have to say each and every person that I was with in my life, I have forgiven and only wish the very best for them all, actually every human being that has touched my life I have forgiven if there was hurt and sadness. Life is something I have never understood, meaning our purpose and being a very sensitive Woman there are times I just feel I don’t fit into this world. I am working in the film industry on and off which is my passion, and at 54 going after getting my grade 11 accounting to get my grade 12 so I can apply for the RCMP which has always been a strong goal of mine, even though my abundance is low, I know withon my heart and soul that I will get through this somehow. We all want to be loved, and to share ourselves with that someone special out there, and I again believe that she is out there, and with my heart healed with forgiveness I know that the path will lead me to where I need to be in all area’s of my life, even though I become sad and cry at times I have to keep going and believing that all will be fine. To have the strength at times, I just don’t know but something inside of me keeps pushing me,even in my sadest moments.

I forgave myself for all my unkind words towards myself and being so hard on myself for not being a version of perfect I thought I needed to be to be loved.

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My name is Kelly Johnson Am from England, Oxford,UK …madness has been ongoing in my family for long..I lost both parents to Madness and it is so much pain has not been able to get over. As we all know medically, there is no solution or cure for Madness and the cost for Medication is very expensive. Someone introduced me to a man (Native Medical Practitioner) in oxford. I showed the man all my Tests and Results and I told him have already diagnosed with Madness and have spent thousands of cash on medication. I said I will like to try him cause someone introduced me to him. He asked me sorts of questions and I answered him correctly. To cut the story short, He gave me some medicinal soaps and some herbs(have forgotten the name he called them) and he thought me how am going to use them all. At first I was skeptical but I just gave it a try. I was on his Medication for 2 weeks and I used all the soaps and herbs according to his prescription. That he will finish the rest himself. And I called him 3 days after, I arrived and I told him what is the next thing he said, he has been expecting my call. He told me to visit my doctor for another test. Honestly speaking, i never believe all he was saying until after the test when my doctor mention the statement that am, okay doctor started asking me how do I do it….Am telling this story in case anyone may need this man’s help. He is the Great Dr Aziza here is via email address ( or call +2348161727747
Thanks Regard….

December 30, 2015

im writing this because i need to learn something, and that is:
There is no MAGIC, there is only the will of God.
Please dont confuse this two, because Magic can be destructive.
The will of God comes out from Love.

My father passed away August 3, 2015. We hadn’t spoken or seen each other in twelve years due to miscommunication and stubborness. He contacted me four months ago. We forgave each other for all the pain we caused to one another. Because I was willing to be there for him in his time of need, I was privileged in being able to hear and learn about his lifetime stories. We lost a lot of memories in between years so these last four months I soaked in every word, every hug, every kiss. I missed my father when he was alive and now I miss him more so that he is gone. Forgiveness has meant everything to me. Te voglio bene assai, dad.

I need to forgive my mother. She is gone now. Even tho, until I can find a way to forgive the unspeakable deviousness of her last years and all the sickness and evil she directed at me, her closest child, her most loved. I have no peace and my heart is broken. In order to find joy in living again, I must not think about The Betrayal, and the hatred my family now feels for me due to the lies she told before she passed. I do not wish her peace, she should rest as uncomfortably as I do. I must heal. I don’t know how to begin to forgive the unforgivable, not miss my family so much, I give them no excuses because they knew the truth of her black soul and broken mind.
I wish I could forgive, my heart is good, this has changed me tho. I’m sorry to my husband who is understanding because he witnessed all. I’m not the girl he married, I regret allowing my family to bring me down emotionally, to the point where I can’t eat or sleep well.
I forgive myself, because I’m only HUMAN. Thank you for this outlet, it appeared to me just when I needed it.

I forgive my friend Cris who did something a didn’t like and made me so angry that I could not accept it in any way. I now know that no matter what forgiveness is always the best path.

I forgave myself, when I heard my self judging someone, then stepping into their shoes for that moment and feeling the pain I caused.

I was shot when I was 10 years old, and even that I survive and I am healthy physically, I am still working through PTSD. I am 39 now. This process has guided me through a very deep spiritual journey all my life, the remembering of my true nature. I forgive my cousin for what he did. But also, I forgive myself for the self judgment and for all of the times I forgot all the beauty and grace whit in me.

I have forgiven myself for many things and forgiven others too. I have found it impossible until now to forgive my ex husband for deserting our child and causing her pain and suffering. I forgive him for not having the moral compass to realize the damage he was doing and wanting to fix that. I forgive him as I realize he did not have the tools, courage or mindset to overcome his own issues to be there for her. I forgive myself for blaming myself for his actions, holding onto the pain and wrapping myself in it like a fortress around my heart. I forgive myself for being scared to let the now familiar pain go. I forgive myself for not allowing the chance of true love in for 25 years. I forgive myself for being unable to forgive for so long. Today I set my mind and heart free.

For most of my life I have been a woman of labels, I never really had a strong sense of self when I was around other people because when I was “myself” I never seemed to be accepted, so I learned how to play different roles, wear different masks, assume alternate personalities to fit the circumstances, but in truth I was always still quite “socially awkward” as a friend politely referred to me. As with most other individuals I have my stories of challenge, loss, abuse and mistreatment and yes they did in some ways shape and mold me into the person that I am today so I cannot fully regret them. I do however regret how stubborn I was in always having to learn the hard way, questioning everything and everyone because I often found that what people say and what they do and what they really intend are all very different things, myself not excluded.. I think it stems from having soul fractures.. we know what we feel when we don’t run from the truth, we know who we are, what we are, how connected everything is, but we are born into a world that is sick and without the proper nurturing and guidance we start to become as sick as our environment. I have had so many different labels and diagnosis’s thrown onto me throughout the years that it was hard to sift through it all and truly see the light and love that is the human spirit within me. My depression was treated with medication that then in turn caused an anxiety condition to manifest, then I stuffed my anxiety and self-medicated to suppress my empathy with food, drugs and drink and was given more labels. I was blessed enough to have a surgery to help save my life because I was over 400 pounds when I was in my twenties, and then I was diagnosed with bipolar to top it all off because the Doctors didn’t fully understand the huge changes that my body and spirit were undergoing.. so many instances along my path where things were misunderstood, and misdiagnosed, but the reality is that much of it started from my early childhood years, as it seems to be with many other people; when I was sexually abused and then blamed when I told the truth and it was allowed to continue until I was in my thirties. My depression was actually cause by suppression, my stuffing was my wall building, my addictions were my slow death, and my forgiveness is my gift. I have forgiven many of the people who have had a part to play in these tragic life altering events and I see now that these experiences have made me strong in ways that will be used to help others in my future. The only one that I still have difficulty with is forgiving myself.. Because of my own chaos during many points throughout my life and my complete disassociation from self I missed the opportunity to help a really good friend who was in my life. Rather than stepping outside of myself to see the severity of his mental state and addictions, I tried to keep us happy by feeding the bad behaviors and that man ended up taking his life. That was the one thing, the only thing that opened my eyes, that shattered my delusions, that restarted my heart. I did not have enough love for myself to save my own life, I was content to slowly die, but in that moment, when I realized that what I do does have an influence upon others for better or worse, even though we all have freedom of choice.. that changed me in ways that I can never fully explain. I am still not perfect today, I never will be, there will always be things that I can change, ways that I can grow, challenges to face and obstacles to tackle, but I am so thankful that I am no longer in the same state that I once was in and that I have the rest of this life earn my self-forgiveness.

HO’OPONOPONO has been crossing my mind a few times a week in the past few weeks, letting it ingest and intertwine with the gift given me via the Meteor Shower of Mid-August. So, just now, in reading this poster, (that brought me to this site) I experienced a deep sigh that brought into my conscious awareness (nothing new & I am totally certain have heard somewhere along the line from several varying angles of love that were being embraced specifically at the time by you (the woman that introduced me to Ho-oponopono) and heard from you (same woman) that it is when we do this to / for ourselves – that’s when we’re getting somewhere……Well, you said it in your words, but, I’m close enough, I think. This time, it connected. In deep and that particular depth surfaced (as far as I to me and me to I and replace the to with the word with in this sentence) – Uh, I got it. With me, I, For me, I, connect in the depths, heights, distances of my boogity boogity shoo – I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You. I knew that possibly someday “that” connection would occur. It’s here. Thanks Beautiful Friend, Thanks For You ! and Your Family ! All Your Family ! Extended, Included. Treasures, All ! heart emoticon Oh! Gonna go to the link in the poster. heart emoticon

I have been using Ho’oponopono for years (WHEN I remember) in many different situations for all kinds of healing (past/present/future). It always works! For example, there used to be a guy at work that hated me from Day1. After putting up with his antagonism & snide remarks for several months, I started using it every morning when he came into my office. Though he certainly did not begin to feel any differently about me, ALL hostility stopped. That’s all I needed to make my day more peaceful.

I forgive all of those who abused me during my torture in Project Monarch, a mind-control program. I forgive my father who put me in the program and was part of the abuse. I have outlined how forgiveness leads to transformation in my interview “From Trauma to Transformation”. I strongly believe that as we heal and experience the energy of forgiveness as individuals, it empowers us to do so on the collective level. This is essential for human consciousness to expand and transform.

I fell in love at first sight. He did, as well. But, because of mental illness and past hurts he could not commit in the way he promised. He lied. He cheated. He hurt me when I found out…emotionally and physically. I waited. I prayed. I stood by , when everyone said I was foolish. Because I saw who he could be, whether I stayed or not. I saw he needed forgiveness. So I did. I forgave him. Myself. The woman who abused him who set in motion the chain of hurt. His parents, whose religious beliefs caused him to hide half his life.
Really, though, forgiveness to myself was hardest. That took so much time and energy. I was worth it. All the people involved…even the woman who hurt him most…were worth saying to the Universe ” I acknowledge the pain, and it is forgiven”

Wellll…that’s good to know. My late brother went all territorial caregiver on us and isolated my Mother from everyone in her final days. Didn’t let us know that she had quit eating and drinking…we had “arranged” to see her that weekend; but, had we known that, we would have come sooner. I had to forgive him because he just wasn’t well. He also OD’ed a few years later. Someone said “Aren’t you angry?” No…he just wasn’t himself…he was ill.

Perdono mio fratello

Forgiveness, for the big seriously impactfull negative, destructive behavoirs and betrayal is a difficult struggle, journey for myself. Intellectually I fully realize to forgive will set me free of the burden of pain, resentment & remorse. And that forgiveness does not equal approval. But for my heart, forgiveness of a few people, still evades me. Reading through many of these posts has helped me see a perspective, a different angle, a better segue of sorts — start by forgiving myself first. So here goes, I forgive myself for always expecting to foster the good in everyone, my trusting & giving nature, when I am then taken advantage of, used and then tossed aside. I forgive myself for no longer being so willing to be the compassionate sounding board for others, while they abandon me in my times of sorrow and have become overwhelmed by layers of complex relationships and responsibilities I assume, onto my shoulders, by myself to resolve. Thank you. bb

I have forgiven one person that I thought was a friend .She embarassed me in frony of the owner of the businaess and clients.It hurt so bad the first time but the second time it just made me angry. I am over being angry but I do not speak to her unless it concerns business .I have forgiven her but I will never forget how I felt those 2 times she belittled me .

When I was a teenager, my father was wrongly convicted of murdering my mother and was sentenced to life in prison in Texas. My mother had long suffered from mental illness and although I believe my father only acted in self-defense on that terrible night, I also believe the tragedy could have been prevented if he had not agreed to meet with her alone (they were relatively recently divorced). SO, I had a lot to forgive. I struggled with depression, anger, and anguish for many years. As a life-long spiritual seeker, I sought out Truth and meaning both inwardly and in the world. When I read a children’s book called, The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch, I experienced a profound healing of forgiveness. In the story, the Little Soul is very happily united with God and all souls, yet he asks God if he can become human to experience forgiveness. God smiles on his desire as a beautiful thing and lovingly grants him his request. Along comes a Friendly Soul, who volunteers to incarnate on Earth with him in order to do something negative so he will have the opportunity to forgive. I won’t spoil the ending, because it is truly beautiful and I encourage you to read it for yourself. But I will tell you this, when I looked at the tragedy between my parents in that light, my heart broke wide open and I sobbed the most healing tears of my life. It felt true to me. Not only had my parents given each other the ultimate opportunity to experience forgiveness, they had each given me the opportunity to forgive them as well. They both made terrible decisions, which impacted all of our lives irrevocably. But forgiving them freed my soul, and allowed me to love them again, only this time with the full understanding that they too were human and fallible, and they did the best they could at the time. My sense of compassion for all beings has deepened through my practice of forgiveness (and it is a practice, as new layers of pain continue to surface as I continue to heal). Whenever I see conflict, or pain, I practice forgiveness and lovingly invite others to do the same. ~Namaste

I forgive the Being that I once called Sister. You overstepped the creative boundaries and took advantage of my vulnerability during a very chaotic and dark time. I forgive the fact that instead of seeing my world shattered, you took the only light I had. I forgive you for trying to be competitive in business instead of actually being my Sister. I forgive you for never really being my friend. I even forgive you for trying to tell others negative things about me, in order to make you appear to be Light. I forgive you for reaching out now, after these years, just because of the friends and family I have.

Most of all.. . I forgive myself. So long I was angry at myself for feeling so hurt, so betrayed. I was so hard on myself. Knowing and seeing with clear vision, I understand the human nature of the happenings. I am thankful for the pain, the darkness, the sadness, the lesson.

I forgive myself. Love myself. I am my own true Sister.

I forgive myself for not being able to forgive my sister, who abused and brutalized me on every level, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially, for no other reason that her vanity and greed. It nearly killed me, and may still lead to my death.

I offer forgiveness to our universe and all dimensions. No need to list any names, God knows who I am talking about. GLA. “GUARDIAN LOVING ANGEL”. Thank you for forgiving me, I will always be there for you and every “ONE”……….

I am a Forgiveness Teacher. I am training people on how to create autonomous Circles of Forgiveness, that last only 2-3hrs, during which people may have a first hand experience of a very simple yet powerful forgiveness ritual, based on my life-changing experience in Mexico with Don Miguel Ruiz (“The Four Agreements”), back in 1999.
Bilingual (French-English), I am teaching in many different countries.
I am also the author of “The Gift of Forgiveness” (Findhorn Press, 2010), in which I share this simple ritual which anyone can practice by themselves.
– Olivier Clerc

August 13, 2015

I forgive myself for accepting something rather than risk having nothing. I forgive myself for giving up on myself and believing I am unworthy and capable of being in a loving, caring and fulfilling relationship with a man. I forgive myself for isolating myself from family and friends. I forgive myself for avoiding and ignoring my financials and for incurring necessary interest and penalties.

I have spent 26 years using NLP to better understand huna from Hawaii, along with the study of huna directly. The Ho’oponopono was one of the many powerful techniques that really do work. In my case, it was an extended process of cord cutting between the “inner child” or unihipili and a list of over 300 names of people, animals and places – as a general internal “clean-up” process. Huna teaches us that the emotional self makes a connection to any person, place, thing or animal that it has an “attachment” to. These cords stretch for ever and last for life unless cut. Over time they create a lot of internal noise and it makes it difficult to clearly connect with your inner self and Higher Self (aumakua). After spending four hours completing my list and going through the mutual forgiveness process, energy exchange process and chord cutting process – which is in Ho’oponopono as I understand it… The magic result was clear to me already after just 30 minutes. I was in a store, passing through to a grocery store… that sold boat motors and fishing gear…video films etc…. looking at a 3 hp. outboard motor for a canoe… my inner child interrupted my flow of inner dialog with a screaming loud voice to remind me of a much bigger boat and motor that I had on my “wish-list” but had forgotten. After the reminder I asked the store owner if he had just that kind of boat and yes… he had a demo boat just like that at the dock on sale at reduced price… sold I said… and thanked my emotional self for the reminder. I could write books on how well this stuff works.

December 8, 2014

Once we see the brilliant way we are loved in our Spirit…We have nothing but forgiveness, we begin to live in Gratitude for every moment of existence.

I was barely 17 and going through a very dark time…depressed, lost, awkward, self-hating. My stepfather had recently been busted by the Feds for his involvement in an international marijuana smuggling racket, and my parents didn’t know how to deal with my hormonal pubescent mania, so my mother kicked me out of the house. The only place where I felt welcome was a Mexican gang flophouse. A bunch of lowrider thieves and drug dealers who were all quite a bit older than me…in their mid-20s. Every day was a “party”, meaning there were always drugs and alcohol in the house. One day I was the only girl there. Someone said, “The woman of the day is the one who can drink this whole bottle of vodka.” “I’m the woman of the day”, I bragged, and grabbed the full bottle. Showing off, I managed to get half of a liter down in one gulp. Everything that happened after that was blacked out of my memory…until I drank Ayahuasca 4 years later. After suffering debilitating suicidal depression and bulimia, I was graced with the opportunity to sit with a Peruvian shaman when I was 21, and the medicine opened the locked door of my wound, my womb, and showed me what happened that night. After I drank the vodka, I remember stumbling down a dark hallway and collapsing into unconsciousness face first on a bed in the back room of the slum house. In my Ayahuasca vision, I remembered the experience. In the darkness of the room, I saw 4 or 5 men in a line, taking turns raping me. I remember trying to say NO but I was so unconscious that I couldn’t formulate the words. After that, blackness. I didn’t remember anything. I asked Ayahuasca for a healing, and it showed me that in this experience, there was no victim, and there was no shame. Because I was too emotionally immature at the time to process what had happened, I had blocked the memory, but the physical imprint of the rape had created a pain in my womb that had been causing a deep pain in my belly, a profound sense of shame that led me to stuff the aching self-hatred down with food and bulimia. The medicine showed me that by truly, profoundly forgiving the situation, the men involved, and most importantly, myself, was the pure medicine that would set me free. In that moment, I let go. I forgave myself for being naive and putting myself in that dangerous situation. I prayed that the men would also forgive themselves and learn to respect the women in their lives. After I had forgiven the situation, the medicine helped me to birth the pain out of my body, and I felt a tremendous physical release as I purged years of pain from my soul. Within months after the Ayahuasca ceremony, I lost about 50 pounds, and I have never had any inclination toward bulimia or eating disorders again. The severe depression lifted off my soul and I felt that I could barely keep my feet on the ground, my spirit was so light. Since that moment of forgiveness, 20 years ago now, I realize that I am only bonded into pain by investing in stories of victimization and abuse. Letting go of these stories is the key to forgiveness. Whatever attention, sympathy, or excuse for empathy that I gain from holding on to these stories serves only to keep me in bondage and prevents me from living fully empowered in my creative essence. With true compassion for those who are living with pain, ignorance, and disconnection from the loving light and vital awareness of the divine creator within, I release all negative energy from my field of being. This to me is true forgiveness. I am not a victim. Instead, I am learning to align with the pure energy of loving kindness. I pray that all may have the courage to choose to free their hearts from the ignorance which creates so much pain in this world. Love is the Medicine, and Forgiveness is For Giving.

My father passed away about 10 years ago, when I was 31. I came out of the closet as being gay, when I was 18. He and I never really spoke about it and he just stayed in denial for a long time and I just did what young people do when they are learning and exploring who they are. In my culture as in many it’s not something men or fathers and sons speak about. For sometime now my godmother, who is very spiritually intuitive and beyond, has been telling me to always forgive him for what ever he did or didn’t do and and to ask him to forgive me for whatever I did or didn’t do. She sensed he left this plane of existence with out communicating that to each other. Although I listen to what she said and did it, I didn’t feel any shifts happening. So, recently the subject came up again and she suggested I go to church and go to mass 3-9 times, to reflect and pray on forgiveness and strength from my father and everyone else that has passed through my life, family, friend, or foe. I was raised Catholic, but I never really cared for the church thing even when I was a kid as I’m much more of a free spirit. My father use to say, “You want to pray do it at home, this is your church.” He felt a little betrayed by the church as they use to sell indulgences in the 20th century, in Cuba, he felt they were just after his money. But since I was in Catholic school sometimes he’d have to take me and we survived. Anyhow I decided to go to the 8am mass at the church by my home, Peter & Paul. I walk in and someone had already started speaking from the pulpit but the priest was still waiting his turn. When he got up to the pulpit, would you believe out of all the possible subjects he could speak about he chose to speak about looking at others mistakes and our own as something to learn about not something to criticize. He was basically speaking about forgiveness. He said something to the effect that many times we see “defects” or “mistakes” in others that we don’t want to recognize in our selves. And they may not always be identical but they may have a similar smell, taste, look, or feel of something we’ve done or not done that we are criticizing the other about. For some of us at times it’s easier or habit to criticize and not forgive others for their mistakes and sometimes it’s easier to criticize and not forgive ourselves for our own mistakes. But in the end if we set the intention to forgive someone and focus enough attention and intention on getting done, it will happen.
Well after the mass was over I prayed for myself, my loved and not so loved ones. I really feel like something is starting to shift now because I got a little emotional and really felt like my dad was there. Before this I think I was in denial, since whatever occurred was so long ago, but I guess I was all just waiting there for me to handle it. Fore some people forgiveness may come in one instance for others it may take a little longer. And you know what I forgive myself if it takes me longer and if I am a little slow. Maybe that is all I needed to do to begin with.
Well the mass was only 25 minutes and I hadn’t reflected on everyone I wanted to, so I stayed about another 30 minutes and prayed some prays I know and have read reflectively before. In the background some ladies word praying the Rosary in Spanish which was a very nice touch, to my personal whispered prayers in Spanish as well. As I was finishing they ended their rosary with a few very lovely songs, it was a sweet experience, not the torcherous, one hour masses, I recalling enduring as a 7 year old.
In summary, I feel that if we utilize our mistakes and the mistakes of others as tools for learning what it is we don’t want to create in our experiences and lives and then focus on what we prefer to experience instead. Then develop the skills, knowledge, and take the actions necessary to do that, we can stop being so hard on ourselves and others and forgiveness could be more automatic. I feel that if we use compassion and forgiveness we are on the right path, it doesn’t matter, if you go to a “church” or not, in the end it’s how you live your life everyday not just Sunday or the day you go to a spiritual or religious service. Dad I forgive you and feel you have forgiven me, and hope you can all forgive me for making this such a long story.



I forgive my Mother for never giving me a hug or kiss when I was a child, after I had fallen and skinned my knee’s. Always being told, “It’s far from your heart”. My Dad for all the verbal abuse from a child until 22 when I left home and got married. Also the spanking’s, did you know Dad, I never spanked my son’s and they turned out O.K?
My sister who has lied her entire life to get her own way, usually at my expense. She has damaged my relationship with her and I don’t trust her. I forgive myself for trusting so many people in my life only to be used and discarded. Thank goodness I have found positive people in my Healthy Chocolate Business, that is expanding world wide.

The most important person one can forgive is… is yourself.. after going through every person I could think of that I needed to forgive. I still seemed stuck. I began the longest and most challenging process over a year ago. To forgive myself. Mostly for allowing myself to suffer so much and for so long. In my search I found this was not an easy task. It’s taken over a year. Worth every minute too. I still have a ways to go. However I am well on the way to self forgiveness. Some may not realize when something is removed it must be replaced. That’s the law. If we choose positive love we will see change. Begin to experience more joy. More happiness. Along with the incredible feeling of self love. However if we do not quickly replace we will most likely find ourselves back in same situation or much worse. Namaste. Debra Steele.

I forgive myself for all the harm i’ve done to myself.

I forgive myself for allowing all the hurt and trauma i’ve been through change me. For allowing it to take away who and what i am. For giving up in life and not taking care of myself and making and breaking promises to myself over and over. I lost so much of the love that was in my heart for others and myself. I forgive me ! I forgive me ! I love me too !

I forgive those who hurt me, when they probably did not know any better themselves. I forgive myself for acting like the world owed me something and hurting those who actually loved me. I forgive the doctor for telling me I could not have kids and myself for believing in that. I am grateful for making peace within, as from the moment I started, I fell pregnant with my beautiful baby girl and am working on goals for an awesome future for my little family. Thank you for this page. It is a great thing for people to do…FORGIVE ♡ peace, love and unity to all

I forgive myself for all the times I have thrown my heart to the wolves. And I forgive the wolves.

I forgive my brother for rejecting me ever since I was 6. I forgive my ex for leading me on and leaving me as a total reck. l forgive him for the many times he sucked up my esteem and said how worthless I was. above all, I forgive myself for being so self destructive. for all the slf inflicted bruises and all the intended times I’ve settled for less than I deserve

I forgive my brother for rejecting me ever since I was 6. I forgive my ex for leading me on and leaving me as a total reck. l forgive him for the many times he sucked up my esteem and said how worthless I was. above all, I forgive myself for being so self destructive. for all the slf inflicted bruises and all the intended times I’ve settled for less than I deserve

“I am the one who creates who I am now. I will forgive and be free of the past.”
I forgive my husband of 50 years. After his death discoveries of many infidelities, his control, his sabotaging my world, his anger.
I have been through rage, anger, bitterness towards him. He is gone. I am alive, ALIVE!!! I forgive him and will live my life as I desire with no regrets. I am the one creating my life now.

September 6, 2014

Scott pam Trish and all whom I have hurt or let down. We’ve all suffered so much from holding onto the hurt. Please forgive me for instilling mistrust and hurt I may have caused. Each day I learn to let go and forgive us all. Thank you for your forgiveness I love you and I AM SORRY. BLESSING ETERNALLY.

If someone would like to send a “please forgive me” note, suck it up and tell it to the people who matter. not a website. Reality does not exist in this screen.

I forgive my mother for not being with me when I needed her.
I forgive myself for not believing in myself.
I forgive my ex-husband for abandoning me.
I forgive me children for not asking how I was last week when I was ill.
I forgive A for being abrupt.
I forgive C for leaning on me.
I forgive my Dad for ignoring me.

I forgive myself for having an abortion after being raped. I forgive myself for not healing and for being a wreck for years after. For making bad choices in relation to that pain and for thinking I was truly damned for having done so.

I forgive myself for having an abortion after being raped. I forgive myself for not healing and for being a wreck for years after. For making bad choices in relation to that pain and for thinking I was truly damned for having done so.

I was a sad and insecure woman when I met an even more sad and insecure man that seemed to me a very strong and happy person. We were very much in love, he became gradually very abusive, verbally, emotionally and physically and I became gradually a non-existant person for two years. I wasn’t strong enough to stop him, to help him or myself, or to go away, although I tried. Then I became very angry. And later I became very distant. And after four years of love, hate and living together I finally became strong enough to go away, physically. Now, I am a strong woman but not yet a happy one. I want to forgive him, I want to forgive myself. I wish love and healing for every being.

I was a sad and insecure woman when I met an even more sad and insecure man that seemed to me a very strong and happy person. We were very much in love, he became gradually very abusive, verbally, emotionally and physically and I became gradually a non-existant person for two years. I wasn’t strong enough to stop him, to help him or myself, or to go away, although I tried. Then I became very angry. And later I became very distant. And after four years of love, hate and living together I finally became strong enough to go away, physically. Now, I am a strong woman but not yet a happy one. I want to forgive him, I want to forgive myself. I wish love and healing for every being.

August 26, 2014

I forgive all that is done in ignorance > by me, by you, by all I know and have yet to know… by all humanity

I forgive the jealous possessive, competitive, intrusive people in my life and spouse’s life that dislike me/us because we exist. They cannot control us or our happiness. I forgive myself for remembering all the hurtful critical and sarcastic digs and devious strategies sent our way. We do not have to participate. We can return to sender with love and understanding.. to be dissolved into the light… And also pray to our Angels and Master St. German and for those who send ongoing negative thoughts our way.

I forgive myself for not taking care of myself. I forgive my ex-partner for abandoning me.

I forgive all of the people in my life who felt the need to pull their love away from me. I’m sorry for creating a condition in which you felt you had to pull your love away from me. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

August 14, 2014

I forgive all those I perceive to have hurt me.I forgive myself for holding on to the pain and reliving the experiences.I ask forgiveness from those I have hurt .I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you,I love you x

August 12, 2014

I forgive my ex boyfriend…. The pain he put me through has made me so much stronger and self reliable. Years later I’ve still hung onto to the anger I have towards him, but I’m willing to let it go considering it was all really a blessing that brought my fiance into my life eventually.

I forgive the man who broke into the home I was vacationing in on Hawaii for stealing my money as well as my sisters. The money wasn’t what hurt, it was the loss of security. I forgive him for all of that, and only wish him healing.

I forgive my ex’s girlfriend for destroying my relationship, for causing me harm, for doing me wrong, for seeking to harm that which was so precious to me. I forgive her for her intention to do harm. I forgive what has happened. I forgive what may happen. I forgive her and her karma. I forgive myself for not being stronger and looking after myself better. And I forgive my now ex boyfriend, for not protecting me or our relationship. Mahalo for the joy that came to me from the time together, well wishes as he goes along his path, and a forgiveness for my karma that sees us separate. May his ex girlfriend finds peace, may she find love, may she find kindness, and may life be gentle to her. May my ex boyfriend find the peace he deserves, may he find love, may he find kindness and may life be gentle and generous to him and his family. Mahalo for this insight xx

I still feel angry…i’m scared of seeing him, i’m scared of what feelings of shame and disgust and rejection will arise… It’s only been a year since it all broke apart completely. It was the worst seven years of my life, I have never been so sick in my life. So much struggle for his love and so many lies being told…i forgive myself for believing him and doubting my own instincts. I forgive myself for beleiving that this behaviour was good enough for me. I forgive myself for believing that i was worth only this much. I forgive myself for making someone else the focus of my life, loving him more than i loved myself. I am so sorry for all the pain it caused my young daughter to be with a step-father (the only father she had known) who did not love her or nourish her. I am sorry for being so selfish in my need for love that i chose to commit to a man who chose to leave behind his only son in another country. I forgive myself for not believing that anyone else would ever love me, that i could not let go of this one who came into my life and destroyed a huge part of me. Ama, Dad, I am sorry for all the anger and judgement i place upon you for the way your beliefs have affected my life choices. I have to accept that it is I who did not have the courage to follow my own heart despite your influences. I love you both very much. I am grateful for all the blessings this beautiful life continues to protect and gift me with. I strive to become non-judgmental and live in Peace.

I forgive myself – I forgive you!

I forgive my ex-fiancé for completely rejecting me when I asked him about rumors from his family and friends stating that he was gay and have held relationships with men in his past. We had already completed marriage counseling which lasted about 4 months and we were 6 months from getting married. It has taken me about 2 sold years to give over the trauma and ALL the negative things he said to me and how he tore at my character ..I felt betrayed and above all rejected by the person who “loves me” I spent morning and nights crying throughout the day and driving from work and back on major highways in tears …because I was in such pain yet he moved on with his life like it meant nothing to him …he married a woman this year and I was hurt about that as well …I truly believe that GOD , the Universe , has seen my pain and will restore and heal me FULL and has given me the Peace that passes ALL a Understanding ! Although I hated him I no longer do …and looking back on the ordeal It was true and yes he was going to use me as a cover…and believe it or not I was saved from something more devastating than ever. I have said ALL of this to say : I FORGIVE him and I forgive myself for being so hard on myself and blaming myself for the break and going to a serious stage /state of depression ..and that a hit dog will holla ;)

August 9, 2014

i forgive myself for expecting too much of myself. i dont set the bar that high for others so why for me? tho there are only a few, i forgive those that have wronged me. i release you and your negative ways and any anger i have attached to those memories. you hold no power for me any longer

I forgive myself for not being able to prevent the rape of my body by my brother. I forgive myself for not being able to prevent the physical blows to my body. I forgive myself for buying into his image of me as being less than human, worthy of nothing. I forgive myself for not understanding that, at times, just surviving is an act of courage.

I forgive my dad who was unloving with me. After I did an appreciation and non judgement exercise I realized all the positive things my dad thought me. After many years of a hard and poor relationship I sent him a card giving him thanks for everything he did and I signed I love you. It was like a wall fell down and we began talking more and more and now I’m proud to tell you he is my best friend! And for the first time he said I love you back! I learned how to become appreciative and thankful and see the positive in every person because I’m not perfect. With much love :) Lined

I forgive everyone who made me feel that I was not good enough and who crushed my dreams as a kid. I also forgive my mothers x-husband for all the abuse toward me and my family. All the hurt he caused. I forgive it all. Why? It has made me stronger as a person. I fought through it and chose to build myself up and rely on myself for support instead of relying on someone else. Actually I thank the trauma of my past! Thank you for showing me how truly strong and powerful I am. And I forgive myself for holding myself back and not doing things that are fun because I didnt think I was good enough or didnt think I looked good enough. And I thank myself for the challenge to prove myself wrong! I am one wild cutie;)

I forgive myself for not taking good care of and loving my inner child. I forgive my ex husband for not being capable of loving me the way I wanted. I forgive myself for looking to the outside world and people for my happiness. I’m sorry to all the people that I may have hurt, please forgive me.

I forgive every single person and myself. I send blessings to every single person and myself. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you so much. It is a beautiful, peaceful time now. It is a beautiful world, a peaceful world, a magical world.

I wish to forgive myself for my painful childhood, teen years and young adulthood choices I made, that hindered my growth in a healthy way. My anger, attitude, and low self esteem reflected on what kind of person I was then and I wish to forget. I forgive people that belittled me, made life hell and for the choices I made as a young person, as a result of this. I want to love myself. I did my best as a young mother and know I passed on a lot of my negative upbringing in that endeavor. My kids are still close to me, however I know I have badly influenced them with my choices. I wish for them to choose their partners wisely unlike the man I chose to be their father. I forgive my former husband and hope we can all continue to grow in positive ways. I have been in a healthy relationship for years now, so am convinced I have moved past most of the pain, however I still find some of it in that dark corner of my mind unfortunately, and would like to let it go. I hope this will be cleansing for me. Thank you.

August 7, 2014

I forgive all the people who have done me wrong!

First… I forgive myself to not loving myself enough to change and make a better life…second I forgive those who’ve hurt me in my past…EVERY SINGLE ONE… you’ve been released and you no longer have any power over me and what I choose to do in and with my life… I pray blessings upon you and wish you well… Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically I am free… Thank you for that what an amazing feeling…

I forgive my exhusband, my parents, my sister, the two people who owe me a lot of money & the dentist who messed up my mouth….& me for not being perfect :)

I forgive my Step Mother who during our growing up and into adult years has not shown sincere love and concern for us and focused only on her person. I forgive her for making our father’s life very challenging. Now that she is in advance state of Dimensia – we look after her and determined to make her remaining life on earth comfortable and her spirit and soul knowing we have forgiven her and giving her love and affection and acceptance that all from past have made us stronger, more understanding and with strong Faith and gratitude that Our Lord provides what is best for her. In full faith.

I forgive my mother because she was never with me when I was a kid. I forgive Esteban, who raped me when I was five years old.

My story would require volumes to tell. I have experienced so much pain and still am after more than two decades of a person who simply wont let go. How do you forgive? How do you let go? I wish to do both of these things but don’t know how.

I forgive myself for blaming myself for my daughter being born diabled and dying at age 2. Ho’oponopono, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you.

I forgive many men who have used and abused me.

After being raped and stalked for over 3 years I was imprisoned by my own fear in excess of a decade. Raising my child conceived within that experience has been trying but healing. 3 years ago I chose to forgive him for the terror, and the pain. In choosing forgiveness I have found an unparalleled sense of freedom and inner peace.

August 6, 2014

I forgive my Mother!!!

I forgive my self for blaming others for every situiations .

Arnold Bismark, an African and I had an relationship over the internet. He asked me to be his fiancée and to come to Africa. I am not married, but in a close family relationship, and I think both me and Arnold need to be forgiven because we can never see the true nature of people unless we confront them

I forgive my son who has decided,in his wholly dysfunctional rage, a direct result of his drug addiction, not to speak to me. I have let him go. I forgive myself for spending so much time in so much grief around it. I forgive myself for not being my best self around trying to get him to speak to me. It’s ok for me to get a life. It’s ok for me to be happy.

I forgive myself, I forgive everybody for not seeing the truth. Ho’oponopono, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you.

I discovered that I´m very hard to myself – but to forgive others it´s also necessary to forgive oneself…so I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made and for all the hurt and pain I have caused to others. I deeply apologize. And I forgive a soul I had a connection with from several past lifetimes. I forgive you all the rejection and attraction, all the chaos that arose from this, all the misunderstanding. I forgive you that you are not what I wanted you to be.
I forgive my mother for not showing her love very much in words to me. I forgive all the people who ever hurt or harmed me – knowingly or unknowingly. I´m so happy to finally release this pain from us. Wish you all the best! Thank you for your teachings and your lessons! Without you I would not be what I am. Thank you! Love you!

Wow! What a feeling!

I forgive my dad for calling me a loser and a fag when he found out I wasn’t straight. I forgive him for never taking an interest in my life to begin with. I don’t know why he’d rather drink and yell at the TV for his whole life but he does. I don’t understand 90 percent of the stuff I do so I can’t judge him for it. It has to be hard to live like that and I don’t know what really screws him up inside so I have to let it go.

I also forgive myself. I’ve never really been able to deal with how my mind works and I’ve almost killed myself with drinking and drugs because I couldn’t deal with it. I’ve taken a lot of stuff out on friends and exes because of it and I lost them all. I know it had to happen for a reason and some have even told me they forgive me. The worst part is I’ve treated myself like crap for years because I hated myself for how I was and they probably don’t even remember or care to remember me. I forgive myself for not loving myself. If other people can forgive me for what I’ve done then there’s no reason I can’t forgive myself.

Finally I forgive the powers that be for how evil and manipulative they are towards us. I realized that the thirst for power only comes from a place of no love. It’s not right but to stay mad at them only hurts yourself when all it does is give the power they want over you.

It’s not my place to judge anyone, even myself so I can’t stay angry or hateful towards anyone. Only love can drive out hate, even if you can’t find anything to love, it’s easier than hating.

I forgive all those I felt have wronged me. I now know you were put in my path to help me grow and learn and this I have done. I am grateful for the gift you have given me which is learning to love myself and forgiveness. Most important, I forgive myself. I now see with new eyes, I feel with a new heart and live with a new awareness. I am grateful and believe in all the good things coming.

I forgive myself for not loving myself enough, for judging myself and beating myself up.

I just lost all I typed so this is gonna be a whole honest account from another wounded deer in the Forrest of Life! To all those who inflicted wounds upon me “I AM FOR THE FIRST TIME FORGIVING ALL OF YOU!” And Now;”I AM FORGIVING MYSELF FOR ALL THE SELF INFLICTED WOUNDS THAT NOT ONLY HURT ME BUT ALSO MY KIDS AND ALL THOSE CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE!” WOW THE CLARITY I WAS LOOSING IS ALREADY COMING BACK! Thanks To National Forgiveness Day For Helping Heal Old and New Wounds It’s Time For Scars Of Healing And Letting Go!

I forgive a person who once worked for me and who decided to do whatever was possible to enhance her image and business, regardless of what lies she had to tell to do so and I forgive myself for getting worked up when this happened.

I married a physical, mental abuser. We have 5 children & 13 grand kids. I did call the police after about 15 years of abuse & my husband was convicted of DV. He did his anger management & served a weekend in a halfway house & e days of community service. We are still together. I thought I forgave him but I still get angry at him. I need to forgive.

August 5, 2014

I forgive my ex husband for lying to me, abusing me and my children, and continuing to lie to others about me

I forgive my father for the emotional abuse towards our family and my mother for letting it happen. I have only love for you Mom and Dad. I forgive my sister for making me the target of her hate. I forgive the man that continued the cycle of emotional abuse by cheating, lying and humilliating me. I forgive him for looking for me everytime that I was doing better and making me fall for his act again. I forgive myself for my lack of confidence and for my own shortcomings as a wife and mother. I understand that forgiveness is an ongoing process and that I’m in the right path towards my own peace.

I felt so grateful for this opportunity to personally participate in Forgiveness yesterday, August 3rd. I have just entered into a romantic relationship after consciously not engaging in romance for about 6 years. After a blessing ritual together and a physically intimate night Friday, I barely heard from him Saturday and Sunday due to circumstances he briefly explained over text messages. I felt like I had been dropped off a cliff!

In the midst of what felt heart-breaking, I chose to practice Tonglen and breathe in similar (and more intense) forms of romance-related suffering in the world. I also felt my feelings and used Nonviolent Communication to uncover what I value underneath…and that led me to look at my part in the situation: my own expectations. By the end, I felt tender compassion toward my partner, forgiving him and asking forgiveness for myself. What a gift!

I forgive the local police department, the housing eepartment, and everyone in city government who supported my neighbors in their harassment of me. I forgive my neighbors. I forgive myself for any energy I put into the situation that kept it going. I thank God, the angels and saints who continue to work with me in letting go of emotions and thoughts related to this situation.

I forgive you father for physically,mentally, and sexually abusing me. You think you got away with what you did, but in the end you still have to face God. I pray for you

Below a message on the healing power of forgiveness to honor the International Day of Forgiveness…

Forgiveness is the Power that backs Peace…Namaste’
“Healing Ourselves Heals Humanity”
Spirit Heart Counsel
Cathy G

Dear Loving Global Community,

Yesterday was International Day of Forgiveness. Today I Forgive my perpatrators and oppressors, forgive myself for being angry depressed and sad. I forgive my old and current friends, I forgive my family, and I work each and everyday to forgive Myself.

Forgiving Others:
They were hurt as they hurt you.
Compassion and Empathy for Others.

Forgiving Your Self:
You would have done it differently if you new better.
Compassion and Empathy for Self.

Understanding Illusions and False Beliefs:
Found within the hurtful/harmful experiences of our lives is the real Truth.
These were sick people broken in spirit and mind. The pain they inflicted upon you was not because you were bad or deserved it. It was not because you were unlovable or that they did not love you. It was because they who hurt you did not love themselves and they too were hurt.

Letting Go:
With deep understanding Forgive Let Go and Let your God heal All.
With the heart and mind of your Spirit release the bitterness and resentments. Release all others. Release Your Self. See the Higher Truth of who You really are. See the Higher Truth in Others.

The Truth:
You are loved and you are lovable. You deserve Peace in Your Heart and Mind. You deserve to be Free to Soar.

You Me Them-All Love All Light.

With deep love in my heart for each of you…Infinite Blessings!

Spirit Heart Counsel
Cathy G

Honestly, this is hard for me to write…but…I know this is for my own good, as I desperately want to be free of this prison! I forgive the person that lied to me, married me and gave me children to raise on my own. I forgive them for being absent every single moment of their children’s lives. I forgive them for continually concealing the truth so that I might be kept in darkness. I forgive this person for all the dark things said and done in secret that impacted and manipulated my life in such a way that it violated my free will and impacted and violated the free will of my family members. Despite all of these things, I have been blessed beyond measure, kept by the hand of God even when I did not know I NEEDED to be kept…that is the beauty of the mercy and grace of the Divine Most High God. So thankful. And with this I release myself and all that have been impacted by this person, now, in Jesus name, amen!

I forgive all those who have hurt me in the past and those who continue to hurt me today. I ask for forgiveness from all those I may have hurt. We are all hurting and we need to remember nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. I am going to make an effort to forgive more easily. With God’s help I will be able to do that.

I forgave my husband for all the hurt he caused me and our children when I forgave him I learned to forgive my self along the way my husband passed away 6 months ago I was able to take care of him and be able to go visit him I took care of all his cremation and even have his ashes at home and I can say that my life and every one around me has changed its a better atmosphere and joy I can truly say that forgiveness is the best medicine

August 4, 2014

Gratefulness Post for the week of August 3rd 2014
*Each week, on Sunday evening I share a short (or long) piece about something that I am grateful for. But it’s not just any thing; it’s all about finding gratefulness in the dark places, or when times aren’t so pretty. My intent is to help shift our perspectives about the moments in life where we feel we have failed or when we just can’t see the bright side anymore. This week’s was definitely more personal than my last post and a lot tougher to write for that very reason.

Today happens to be international forgiveness day, and this week’s moment of gratefulness goes right along with the theme of forgiveness.
~This week I am grateful for all the ways and all the times in which I have hurt myself and hurt others.

I am grateful for these things because they have taught me or given me the opportunity to learn self-forgiveness, which I feel is the most important aspect of forgiveness. How can we forgive others, began to let go of old pains if we still old onto anger or resentment toward ourselves?

Earlier this week I was reflecting on some of the great accomplishments that I’ve made in the last year or so; graduating massage therapy school, becoming a Reiki master, and earning a 3.7 gpa on my first semester back in college in almost three years.

All of those things were wonderful and motivating but there was an underlying darkness behind the veil. The fact that the year prior to that I spent a lot of time self-sabotaging and letting an addiction ruin my life and my engagement to an amazing, loving human being. I looked back further into my teenage years and how I had stolen from my parents on occasion and did a lot of sneaking around into their personal stuff and breaking their trust. Not only was I hurting people I loved but I was just damaging myself and how I viewed myself as a result.

I came to see all these as opportunities to forgive myself what I had done. Holding the weight of guilt used to make me sick to my stomach at times and would keep me from engaging in life because I built the belief that I would just harm others if I reached out and got close to them. I almost could not believe some of the things I had done. For a short time in my life about this time last year I saw only darkness and found it hard to move forward. But slowly I began to forgive m myself and it really did save my life. I also began to have compassion for people who hurt others because I had seen myself do it first hand and I knew that it all stemmed from a lack of self love.
So in the lessons of forgiving myself I have learned to extend my heart to everybody, especially those who have wronged others at some point in their life because they are just as much a part of us as the kind, gentle parts are.

“To err is human. To forgive, divine” ~ Alexander Pope

one of the greatest vehicles for transformation i have found, thanks to a sunkissed poet

Jack Kornfield- Forgiveness meditation


I forgive myself for all my unskilled actions. I forgive everyone who has hurt me through their unskilled actions, their pain and their ignorance. Even though these words are not completely true yet, I commit to practicing until they are true.

I am having problems with my sister. Where she is playing me the fool over something as trivial as money. But, it’s the principle of the thing. Because I just went through the same thing with my daughter and she, my sister knows about it. Well, I am saying that I will forgive her. With certain things that are still going on in our lives that makes me hesitate to completely forgive and to just stand guard. I am forgiving her at this very moment. If she can’t see righteousness it is not my problem any longer. I forgive her hoping that through my example she will learn righteousness and not hurt me anymore.

I forgive my daughter for not letting me see the grandchildren.

I tried the method on 3 different people and saw a difference in a matter of days on all of them. Instead of being contentious or sinking to destructive actions or conversations; solutions were presented and welcomed. I recommend this method to others as often as I can. I’ve seen the results!

Today I want to forgive myself to be selfish and cause pain to people Who love me and I didn’t realise how much pain we can provide when we don’t think that every little action may cause a reaction

August 3, 2014

I forgive myself for mistreating others and myself. I forgive all those who hurt me too. I thankfully have learned that forgiveness is the key to a fulfilling and balanced life. Thank you Universe xxx

Chaque mois la scène slam Toulousaine choisit un mot
Ce mois-ci, j’ai essayé d’écrire sur le mot du mois :

Le mot « Tranchant »

La 1ere chose qu’il m‘évoque ce mot-là, c’est la lame affuté d’un grand couteau qui tranche net, dans le vif. Dans le vif du sujet. Qui sépare. Qui coupe. Un grand coup sec. Un morceau coupé en deux, puis en deux, puis encore en deux, comme autant de petits bouts d’une seule et même pièce initiale.

Parait que parfois, j’ai un côté « tranchant », dans le verbe, ou l’attitude même, ça fuse, ça peut faire mal. Quand les mots prennent cette direction là, c’est que quelqu’un ou quelque chose vient d’appuyer là où ça me faisait déjà mal. Le côté tranchant, c’est mon réflexe de survie, de mise à distance, de protection. Ça coupe net l’accès à la zone infectée. C’est mon côté « hérisson ». Et tant que la blessure n’est pas soignée, le côté tranchant est activé dès qu’un danger potentiel s’en approche. Chlac ! No pasaran mas ! Ça coupe !

Parce que les mots, c’est comme tout le reste ; c’est une énergie, et l’énergie, elle peut prendre toutes les formes, tous les aspects, toutes les directions selon là où on se place, là où on la dirige.
Ainsi, si j’ai la capacité d’offrir ce qu’il y a de meilleur en moi lorsque je me sens en sécurité, je peux, avec la même intensité, couper virtuellement la relation et envoyer du « mauvais» si j’ai mon réflexe d’auto-défense activé.

Voilà, ça c’est mon coté tranchant. Il est net. Je peux en parler.

J’essaye de m’améliorer, de nettoyer chacune de mes plaies, de rester le cœur ouvert, pour être libre de partager, de donner, sans être sur la défensive.

Mais tant que je ne me serais pas pardonné à moi-même tout ce que je n’accepte pas de moi, je n’y arriverais pas.

Alors, je tranche mes plaies, une à une, en m’accordant le pardon

« Perdonne perdonne »

« Ma fille » nous sommes tous et toutes capables du meilleur comme du pire, nous avons à en passer par des chemins chaotiques avant de prendre conscience de cela. Nos erreurs passées sont les fruits de l’inconscience, de l’insouciance, de l’ignorance.

Maintenant, nous avons appris. Nous savons.

Ne planquons pas nos erreurs sous le tapis, mais ne nous arrêtons pas non plus à elles. Nous sommes plus que cela. Elles ont été placées sur notre chemin pour nous permettre d’apprendre. Laissons-les à leur place, ni plus ni moins. Ne nous réduisons pas à ce moment là, à ce jour là, à cet exercice. Ce n’était qu’un instant.

Nous sommes des êtres en évolution.

Le film d’une vie ne s’arrête pas à une image.

Chaque matin, s’éveille en moi un être nouveau, une nouvelle séquence

Nos expériences passées sont comme des phares pour nous guider dans la traversée.

« Perdonne perdonne » Pardon

Je me pardonne pour tous les actes, les gestes commis, les mots dits, dans l’ignorance, dans le passé, et je me félicite d’avoir compris en quoi je m’étais trompée, à l’époque. Je vois grâce à cela, mon évolution. Je reçois la vie chaque matin et je l’honore de m’accorder tous les jours un jour nouveau, pour me permettre de renaitre, chaque matin avec la force et la connaissance des jours passés et la conscience que cela m’a apportée.

« Perdonne perdonne » Je me l’offre le pardon ! Je me l’offre !

Je m’offre l’auto compassion pour remettre le film de ma vie en route et continuer d’en écrire l’histoire

Et en me pardonnant, vous savez quoi ? et ben je vous pardonne aussi 

© Chris TAAL

I forgive my parents for the choices they made in my upbringing, and their lack of ability to show affection even now. As a parent myself, I now know it was lack of support from your own families and low self-esteem that prompted you to make the choices you did. I forgive myself for abuse I have inflicted upon others and for permitting the perpetuation of the cycle through my unkind words to others. I know that I am the one capable of ending it here, and have chosen to do so now. Thank you for the opportunity of growth. I love you all.

I forgive myself for beating myself up emtotionally for things I did in the past and not realising that I did the best that I could with the resources I had. I now completely love and accept myself as I am now in the realisation that I do the best that I can in each moment. A S I I

I forgive myself for loving everyone except myself and for spending my precious time helping someone and trying to help them change because they said they loved me, when I could have been focussing my time on my Son who was going off the tracks

I forgive myself for all the ways and times I am not loving. I love me, and am sorry I betray myself by being defended and not keeping my beautiful heart open, full and vulnerable. I am ready for this to change.

I am sorry, Please forgive me, thank you, I love you. To My Mom, DAD, Sister, nieces and nephews, Family and all my friends. I have not been the greatest family member. The Same goes to Chae Soon, Marge, Julie, Gino, Debbie, Robin, Amanda.

I forgive the girl that tried to steal my business and told Nasty lies about me and all her friends and I forgive the people that believed her lies and than were Nasty too me

I went on trip. Forgot my cellphone. I asked a friend of 26+ years to send it to me, which he graciously did. I called him from vacation to thank him. When I got home, he said, “We have to talk, I’m upset about something.” I asked him, “What is it?” and he replied, “I’ll tell you when I see you.” Having a chronic illness, I had many urgent doctors appointments lined up. I told him, “We’ll talk the NEXT day, okay?” He said, “Never mind.” He shut down. I tried calling him MANY times, leaving a note on his door, e-mails unanswered, left his Christmas presents in his garage. I will NEVER know what I did “wrong”. He has since moved away into his new home. I sent him a “Best Wishes As Always” card in the hope he’d respond in some fashion. I harbor no ill feelings towards him, just a sense of great loss. I forgive him. I forgive myself.

I have forgiven the man who raped my daughter. It was a horrible experience for our family, worst of all for my daughter; but my daughter has forgiven him and this in turn has given me the strength and wisdom to do the same.

Today, I forgive myself for playing the victim role in my relationships and giving away my power to others. From this moment forward I release the past and set myself free!

I forgive both my husband and myself for hurts, unkind words, unkind thoughts, unkind actions, not being honest and truthful over the years we have been married.

I forgive my grandmother, all of my life I’ve disliked my grandmother because of how she treated me when I was a little girl. She would be little me, put me down in front of our relatives, and tell me I wouldn’t amount to nothing. My grandmother has changed and she is a loving person, so it’s time to let go of the pain and heal the inner child in me. Today, I forgive, let go and set myself free. Blessings Naomi

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you,
I Love You.

I forgive everyone! Wouldn’t it be nice if earth was just like heaven where we realize there’s nothing to forgive?

I have forgiven my in-laws for the ugly way they have treated me over all of the years I’ve been with my husband. I reach out to forgive them all and pray that God continues to work in me to continue to plant continuous seeds of forgiveness for all unkind acts. I forgive individuals on my job who have mistreated me. I forgive my husband for lying to me in the beginning of our relationship.

I forgive myself for any past mistakes. I forgive my parents for all the years of emotional and physical hurt they put on me as a child, for not giving me the love and guidance a child needs, I forgive them for not standing up or showing me support when they found out I had been touched as a child by my mother’s brother, I forgive them and my sister for blaming me for such thing. I forgive my mother’s brother for touching me when I was 7. I forgive my mother for she was aware of what her brother was doing to her kids and pretending she had no clue.

I have forgiven my in-laws for the ugly way they have treated me over all of the years I’ve been with my husband. I reach out to forgive them all and pray that God continues to work in me to continue to plant continuous seeds of forgiveness for all unkind acts. I forgive individuals on my job who have mistreated me. I forgive my husband for lying to me in the beginning of our relationship.

I am working to forgive my past and my family of origin and my choices in how my life turned out. I mostly want to forgive myself. I have forgiven my husband for difficult times in our past where he hurt me greatly and now we have a great marriage and he truly is my best friend and if there is a soul mate he is mine.

So there’s this chick I used to be best friends with. I had cancer surgery and she was a wonderful friend to me during the entire process. One day I helped her study for the nursing school entrance exam and told her she had to dedicate study time EVERY DAY! No parties, no Vegas, no dinners out, NOTHING. She asked me to study again, but I was weak and not feeling well due to after effects from the surgery and an eye appointment. She blamed me for not passing her exam. She said I should have rescheduled my eye exam. I forgive her for being a total idiot. I know that sounds sarcastic, but she does not learn her lesson and although I am hurt by her anger towards me, I know she is not ready to take ownership in her ineptitude. But I forgive her, and pray she someday forgives herself.

I forgive myself for doing things that have hurt the people I love. Now I know better.

I forgive my son for ignoring our guidance and getting involved with the wrong crowd and getting into drugs. I forgive myself for not being able to let go. I forgive my other son for disobeying us the same day he said he’d obey. I forgive my best friend for cheating on me and lying about it. I forgive myself for all the intentional wrong that I have done that hurt others. I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you……

I have forgiven rapists, murderers and abusers, and I have almost forgiven myself for my own share in life. I have forgiven the ones we feel oppress us, for they are merely playing their roles, and we are letting them. I forgive those who think I am crazy when I express my views for I felt the way they do about things at one point of my lives.

I remember in my youth how I was one day strongly inspired to ask everyone I may have offended for forgiveness. I was looking for God and had been praying and meditating a lot. That inspired day, it so happened to be Christmas evening, when everyone meets in private with their family. So it’s not the day you want to just pop into a house of someone who’s not that close to you. Nevertheless, I felt a strong urge to visit Mr. Suter, my former primary school teacher, because I heard he felt aggrieved after I left his class. It wasn’t his mistake that I left, I was just utterly bored and the school management decided to put me in a higher class – but I much later heard he somewhat took it personal.

I told my family I was going for a short walk, grabbed a bag of cookies and my jacket and was out on the snow-covered street. After all, Mr. Suter lived only a few houses away. It was the first time I knocked on his door, and it was Christmas eve. He opened the door and recognized me with surprise. I greeted him and gave him the cookies and he welcomed me in. That’s when I realized that he and his wife were all alone – on Christmas eve. None of their grown up children were there with them, except, now, perhaps, me.

After we sat down I just blurred it out. “Please forgive me for what had happened in school, I didn’t want to hurt you!” He assured me that I didn’t do anything wrong; yet I felt something moving in his heart. He stretched out his hand and said: “My name is Hans!” In Switzerland, this is a gesture of friendship in which the elder offers the younger to address him by his first name. The whole chemistry between us changed and we felt very delighted. It was a Christmas eve we won’t forget.

I went to many more people, asking them for forgiveness, even if I only had a feeling but no clue what I could have done wrong. And I also forgave everyone that ever hurt me. It was always wonderful. I felt like rocks falling off my heart, rocks I was never even aware of. And then, with a light and happy heart, it became much easier for me to embrace and reciprocate the love of others, and last but not least, the love of God.

So I just felt like sharing this story and encourage others to physically meet or at least phone or write to others, asking for forgiveness, even if it’s Christmas eve! Have faith that God will make the perfect arrangement because He is so pleased by seeing us forgive each other! It’s million times more wonderful and powerful than doing it mentally. Don’t delay, do it as soon as possible.

Please try it out, you will love it!

I forgive myself for ending up in a two-timing relationship while I was the one to start the two timing! I shared what happened with my partner straight away to which he chose to leave the relationship. I carried on with my new partner and then found out after months that he was cheating on me. My pain was so great to my ego that I finally thought to forgive him – which took a lot of time and it helped to feel a little sorry for his position as he lost my trust and understanding. I now learned that I never forgave myself for the painful circumstances I created. It was definitely Karma. I know forgive MYSELF. That was about 10 years ago and I have learnt so much from my mistakes. I am now in a loving relationship where we meet with truth and honesty. True love of thyself – allows for true love of another.

I forgive you mum for not being able to show me love & hugs I forgive all the people who abused me & I allowed to abuse & use me & I forgive myself for the way I reacted I don’t have to react like that today forgiveness frees your soul

I forgive myself for letting my dream be lost and not focused. I will forgive myself for not giving myself permission to do what I am passionate about. For letting others dictate what I must do and what it looks like for them. I have replaced all this with love and acceptance as I trust all that is in divine order. I realize how many miracles have been the result of “setting things right”! I am on my way to do what my soul had contracted me to do.

I forgive and thank the man who has embroiled us in a legal battle for the last four years draining me of finances and filling my life with a dark cloud. I forgive him for wanting to seek revenge and I thank him for pointing out what is truly important in life and go remaking me a stronger and better person .i forgive my husband for making the mistakes that led us there.

I forgive myself for the pain that I gave myself. To commit myself to wrong people.To give myself a scarf that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I will forgive the man who did this to me, and myself to be part of it. We all experience events happening in our lives. Some are blessings and some are teachers. This was a teacher. A teacher that made me stronger and closer to myself.

I want to forgive the man that I love. I want to forgive him for not responding on me. Ignoring my message and pretending as if we never happened. For making a false promise to return to me. For loving me. I want to forgive myself for being with another wife’s man. For not knowing anything about her, and her not knowing anything about me. I want to forgive myself that I will forget him through time. Because I have to in order to live my life as I want it.

I forgave my father for abusing me because of his own unresolved issues. I forgave my mother for ignoring it because she couldn’t handle the truth. The hardest one seems to be to forgive myself for abusing alcohol and acting out because I didn’t know what else to do during that time in my life. I want to release all shame and guilt and truly forgive myself as if I were someone else.

I forgive the ex men I’ve loved in my life, the ones who refuse to forgive me and I release us all from each other so that we may have once again love like we’ve never been hurt

ns les 15 000 euros qu’il m’a soutirés avec un arrangement à l’amiable avec mes créanciers .pour ne pas perdre ma maison .kje le fias sans rancune parce que j’ai pardonné .

I Forgive My Ex Husband Bob For Not Being What I Needed, And Not Being Able To Give Me What He Could Not Give Himself And Myself For Choosing A Man/Boy Just To Escape Home, Because It Was Not Safe!!! I Am Sorry Please Forgive Me Thankyou I Do Love You

I forgive my sister-in-law for telling her young daughter that she did not want her or her brothers to be around me, because I was a bad person and she didn’t want them to grow up to be like me. I’m not a bad person! I’m just not ultraconservative and super religious like they are. It broke my heart to hear those words come out of my sweet little nieces’ mouth. I can’t change my sister-in-law’s view of me, but I can hope that when they grow up, perhaps my niece and nephews can form their own opinions of me and I can have a relationship with them then. Being judged hurts–but holding on to someone else’s judgement towards you is the worst response to it that you can have. I am ready to let it go.

I forgive myself. By feel I’m not good enough, not to accept my flaws, to feel anger towards that which causes me difficulty. I forgive myself for wanting to spend more time with me than others, but feel bad about it. I forgive myself for being unable to love someone romantically, and forgive myself for loving someone who will never be with me. I forgive myself for feeling lonely, little valued and loved, but not do anything to me that people are more aware. I forgive myself

I forgive myself, for all expectations I’ve been unable to meet, for all the times I’ve not been perfect, for all mistakes I’ve made (in the absence of perfect knowledge). I am not perfect, but there is no perfect. It’s time to forgive myself, and in that forgiveness, exonerate and release everyone who’s ever hurt me inadvertently or otherwise because like me, they are imperfect too. We all are, and that is okay. I forgive myself today, and I release my anger, my hurts and my resentment towards anyone who’s ever hurt me.

Perhaps the hardest person to forgive is oneself. I have been battling a very bad habit. Not an illegal one but no less corrosive, I simply could not gain control, then I realized forgiveness is that tool I was missing. I judged my self so harshly. Its interesting that in the world, criminals who are punished continue to comity crimes, and those who are rehabilitated through education do reform (for the most part, neither of these are absolutes) but I realized that the former is judgment and the latter is forgiveness and love. There is much more to reforming oneself, either from criminal activities or noncriminal bad habits of course. I did notice that just saying I forgive myself or you, is not enough. Even deciding to forgive with all my heart is not enough. Anger resurfaces when I do it that way. Then I realized, to actually forgive is very useful to try and understand why and how the “offender” sees things or does things. Not easy to understand why I just couldn’t stop doing something that was corrosive to myself, seemingly for no good reason. I had to do research, learn about my habit. How does it work? Why is the urge so overwhelming? I learned this way why I couldn’t resist and by understanding that, I have made great progress. I could have never progressed this much if I had not stopped just judging and tried to understand why I was trapped in this habit. but I am happy to share that through forgiving myself, using ho’opno opono, and reading research about others in my situation, I have made great strides. I’m also noticing that being compassionate with my self mitigates anger towards others and its much easier to be compassionate of others and to forgive them. They too could be trapped in a vicious circle, unable to understand themselves, unable to change. The more I love myself the more I love others, the more I understand myself the more I understand others, the less I judge them. I’m happier and healthier because of forgiveness. I highly recommend it.

I forgive myself, for all expectations I’ve been unable to meet, for all the times I’ve not been perfect, for all mistakes I’ve made (in the absence of perfect knowledge). I am not perfect, but there is no perfect. It’s time to forgive myself, and in that forgiveness, exonerate and release everyone who’s ever hurt me inadvertently or otherwise because like me, they are imperfect too. We all are, and that is okay. I forgive myself today, and I release my anger, my hurts and my resentment towards anyone who’s ever hurt me.

I forgave my father for abandoning my sister and I. I now understand the demons he faced and continue to face.

August 2, 2014

I learned the only way I was going to live a joyful and fulfilling life was if I forgave those adults who hurt me as a child, and later the spouse who abused me. I forgave them from the deepest part of my heart, and then I let the memories go. In the process of forgiving them, I awakened to the fact that the most important person to forgive was myself. Now, I feel I can move forward towards a peaceful and happy life.

Im a victim of human mind control. I forgive myself for using strong medicines from my doctor everyday- more than i should. I am in desperately need of help. Organized gang stalking harassment is a group of people who can control your thoughts, emotions and body 24/7 wherever you are in the world. They do it by a satellite and a apparat, to explain here is too difficult. You have to read about it. Worst of all, only you, the victim can hear them them connect with your brain. If you contact authorities they mightthink you are mentally ill. So many victims are suffering in lots of countries, but in silence. The groups are also confusing their victims and make you feel guilty. I forgive myself, I never choose this inhuman tortourment witch has been going on 24/7 in so many years now. I fotgive myself and because I take too many pills and smoke too much as a cause of this organized illigal and inhuman crime.

I forgive those who feel that it is ok to defend and protect domestic violence perpertrators, child abusers, perjurers, those who lie/have lied to me, those who engage in conduct to bully, harass, intimidate me/others, those who abuse positions of power for personal gains, financial gains or because they are racist, sexist or discriminate for other reasons, organisations who failed to help because of apathy, favour or fear. Those who stole my children, spread malicious rumours, created inaccurate or false reports deliberately or through lack of skill, those who stalked and assaulted me, my ex-husband for carrying out his oral and written treats in his letter 3 Dec 2002, judicial officers for allowing my ex husband and others to use the Legal system as a tool of abuse, those who took my job by firstly lying about me and then by forging my signature on a letter of resignation, those who failed to ensure I received workers compensation for my spinal injury, any other who has or is harming me now, myself for putting my trust, time, energy, resources into people who were just con artists, users, abusers or out to harm me. I know forgiveness frees me and does not absolve them of accountability or just consequences due. I release all hurt, pain, negative energy and reclaim success, spiritual protection and a future that is happy, healthy and what God intended for me in the name of his son Jesus Christ.

I forgive myself for not living up to my own expectations. Expectations which affirm whoever else but not me, not who I am. I’m flawed, you see, but I torture myself for not being as perfect as everyone else seems to be. Today I forgive myself for not embracing myself with unconditional love.

I forgive myself for all the mistakes I made. I am a human being who does not need to be flawless and perfect. I forgive all those who did me wrong. Thank you for the lessons and making me stronger.

I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in the past. I forgive all those who I have felt at some time were hurting me in some way. I forgive my ex husband for everything.

I forgive those who have ridiculed me & took me for granted. =)

I forgive myself for every thought, word or action that has offended or hurt others . I forgive the one that I was trying to help but who lied and in the end had taken all the money I had saved over a period of years , leaving me with nothin . I forgive and let go , being aware that I can only be grateful for the abundance in my life that makes it possibel for me to share with others , even now . I thank the ” offender ” for the teaching . This teached me that there is abundance and that I do not need to fear lack .

I wake up each morning practicing forgiveness. It is a practice. I pray that i will distance myself from memories that I recant unwillingly. Each day I remind myself that we are all fragile, willful and often unaware of how we hurt others with words and deeds. I forgive myself of my ignorance in the past and promise to be mindful of thoughts words and deeds. I forgive those who have hurt me both
and unaware, realizing that in doing so, they offer me lessons on how to love unconditionally and without expectation of their love in return. Forgiveness is at the heart of compassion, whose soul is empathy, allowing me to feel and become one with others. I forgive, so that i will know peace that surpasses understanding.

I forgive an addict for lying to me and wasting my time. I am letting that whole segment of my life blow away in the wind. I forgive my parents for not knowing how to lead me. They are wonderful parents who did the best they could. I forgive my friend for spreading ill will. I forgive my former husband for making me suffer. I forgive myself for all the lies I have told to myself. I forgive myself. I forgive myself. I forgive myself. Thank you to all the people who love me.

I forgive all human beings as no-one gives us a manual on how to survive this planet and we all make it up as we go along. I am sorry for all the mistakes I made in this lifetime and I am sorry for all those mistakes other people made in their lifetimes. I forgive myself for hurting others and I forgive them for hurting me. I love me for loving others with the big heart that I have and I love others for loving me with their big hearts too. I thank me for doing the best i can with the knowledge I have and I thank others for doing the best they can with what they know. Blessings light and love to anyone who reads this. Keep on smiling and spreading love where you can.

I forgive the guy on FB who threatened to kill me because we’ve differing views.

I forgive ME. I didn’t cause my son’s autism. I am not a bad mother. I do not deserve any more self punishment; I deserve to be loved.

i forgive myself for all my fears, my mistakes, my opinions, the harsh words i’ve said, criticizing myself and others, never being good enough for myself and others never being good enough, i forgive myself for all the things i never did and wanted to, for repressing myself sexually, for not speaking up for myself and letting others humiliate me, i forgive myself for hating myself and hating some people in my life, i forgive myself for judging myself to be fat, for not accepting myself as i am, for having darkness and failing to love myself and others. may one day i truly be able to forgive. thank you

I forgive myself and my beloved for feeling victimized, lashing out to protect ourselves, showing our physical strength and ego strength by attacking each other in reactive fear. I vow to accept death as a part of life and allow myself to be killed, to resist subscription to an army, and to choose to be killed rather than inflict any more pain on another human being. I commit myself to the path of having the courage to receive the blows rather than hurt someone else because I am thinking that someone will hurt me, feeling scared, righteousness, or want to prove my strength and dominance.

i forgive all those who have used and abused me. i forgive those who have not loved me as i loved them or wished to be loved by them. and i forgive everyone, myself included, for all the careless words and deeds that have harmed others. i forgive and send healing love to everyone on our amazing planet and outward as far as it will reach. namaste.

I want to forgive mother for the lack of care — because she was fragile and sad and was always looking for love in all the wrong places. She could not give the love that I needed because she did know how. I want to forgive my father for his abuse he was another who could not see abuse effected his whole family.

I want to forgive my mother, and my father and myself, because they did there best,for my education, and care for me too long, so I did’nt in the availability to life independent… I hope my girlfriend (Trs) will forgive me that character is like it is, and I change the habits, but not the core of the character, she was always protecting me on her own way… IT hurts me a lot.. so I forgive myself, Steven

I am in the right place, and in the right time, out in the middle if no where where I have discovered myself and I have finally realized I must forgive myself, forgive and send light to others that I have learned from. I am ready for peace, love and happiness!

by forgiving I have found freedom and happiness.

I forgive my ex-husband for the verbal and emotional abuse that did to me over the years…I am getting stronger and I can help others because of it.

I forgive myself that I’m not a perfect

I’m trying to forgive the bombs I can still hear above my head, the ones that sent me reeling in my brain, the swords through my body from head to foot, the deaths of those who were unable to be heard for themselves, the avoidence, the abandonments, the manipulation, most of all i am trying to forgive those who simply walked away and left me to feel this on my own with no one to talk to, no peers to discuss my concerns about humanity with, no one to hold my hand for as long as I needed it, to be there when i needed to ask why or why not? To help me close this experience so that no one else was harmed. It’s the loneliest place to be amid the furore of the rage, the suffering, the pain, the crowd of nameless people who haunted me day and night as Earths libraries pages opened and closed day and night for the past seven years.
I’m trying to forgive the cosmic enema that I’ve experienced that demanded perfection & gratitude yet demanded it in a certain way who could not hear the rough, the displaced, those who just didn’t fit into their world view of perfection. I rage when i hear that in a crisis the perfectionist sees for but a day those around them in a supermarket that they may have to rely on if the shit were to hit the fan. They’ve gone back to their version of the story until the next crises happens.
I rage when all it would have taken was an email to connect with another to see if the story they had woven was the right one. Forgiveness is a process and I am in process. I saw a song the other day and all that pain just washed away, I laughed at the idiocy of it all. Mainly the pain is because I know deep in my heart it could of been a gentle journey, a nourishing one, a supportive one, one that was a soothing balm. Our whole history could of been different. If only we had reached out together at the beginning, the middle and the end. The shortest distance between two people is when they are standing facing each other. That is what real communication is. I forgive myself for not taking the time to ensure that I had created boundaries, limitations, rules that would ensure mine and others safety for this journey. Most of all I forgive myself.

I forgive my ex husband for not being there 4 our son not being there 4 me & being selfish I forgive my self I also thank u 4 giving us our gorgeous son x I am sorry x please forgive me x thank u x I love you xxx

I forgive myself for thinking my x boyfriend was an psycopath, until I realized he was an asberger. I forgive myself for not beeing perfect, instead I see my imperfections are making me more human and wiser by experience and age. My x boyfriend who is an asberger has learned me allot about him, myself and other people. I forgive myself for caring more about him than I did with myself because he had such dysfunctions witch made him gotton misunderstood by society. I was his only real friend (18 years oldervthan me), as well he has not seen his family in his homecountry for 25 years. My heart is so big for him still today. Unfortunately I become even bullied by society because I was with him and as they judged him ‘abnormal’ behavour I got judget as well- even though Im a normal and pretty girl. As beeing two immigrants in another country it was difficult to be understood by the locals. Asbergers are seeing and acting different than the majority of people who are ‘normal’. Unfortunately, I have experienced racism, horrible comments and discrimination even by the police. I can never forget beeing bullied by them, but I am strong enough to forgive because they are not professionals and are abusing they titles. I am talking about my personal experience, not all police. But in a country who is still living backward in time- there is unfortunately so little knowledge, corruption, hate, jelousity among people. I forgive, but I will never forget the feeling of humanilation. Unfortunately, our society its governed by pretty much materialism, money, politicians, psycopats, power….All I wish is that people can Wake up!! Realize that we are all human beeings no matter our colour, nationality, disorders or dysfunctions….we are all borned with the same blood and the same rights to be seen, understood and treated with equality. Still I choose to forgive.

I was born into a highly dysfunctional family where the currency for love was jealousy, hatred, betrayal, shame, guilt, anger, sadness…verbal, emotional, mental and physical abuse and I grew up being silenced and invalidated and taught to shout in order to be heard. Then on the day of my 12th birthday I received a phone call that resulted in the loss of my sense of security, protection, family, innocence by a woman telling me my beloved father was with another woman a friend of my mother. I quickly told my sisters and was put in the car to go and witness what broke my heart, my faith and trust in men, marriage, relationships, life, love etc. I was whisked out my sisters car and taken to the front door to confront one of the worst things a 12 year old child could witness. The first man, my father that I loved so truly with another woman in his arms. My world was shattered I couldn’t believe my eyes and just remember my father embracing me and saying I am sorry and then we left after my sister punched this woman who said I am not a home breaker not realising the damage her and my father did to 4 innocent woman. We went home to tell my mother who was at her best friend who shared a birthday with me. My father came home to pack his things and ran out with me holding onto his pants feeling so frightened to be left alone with my mother and sisters who hated me for being the apple of my fathers eye. Abandoned and rejected by the man who was my everything but in hindsight controlled me, silenced me, criticized me stole my self worth my self esteem and so began the self blame for taking the phone call the guilt, shame, anger, rage, wrath which has taken 47 years to get to this point of doing every kind of psychology, self help courses, coaches, gurus and institutions to try to heal my pain and find a way to start forgiving myself, others and loving myself, others, accepting myself, others the way God forgives, loves and accepts me unconditionally so that I can serve my life purpose otherwise all the work would be for nothing. My mother put me and our new maid Daisy in the car to leave my hometown Pretoria for Johannesburg. Again abandonment of my life, home, friends everything I had worked at so hard to build a meaningful childhood wrecked without a word or moments notice or asked how I was feeling, told that it wasn’t my fault, reassured that everything would be ok that it was ok to feel angry, sad, lost and alone without my protector. From that day on a cum laude student, happy, easy going, loving child slowly but surely over years retreated into the darkest crevices of rebellion with no identity of my own, a broken family a mother as lost and broken as I was to try do a job of raising me when her feelings, her pain, her life became all important. The rejection and abandonment, invalidation, verbal, emotional, mental, physical abuse became my daily bread. My sisters left home and I was left with my mother who couldn’t cope with anything and would fall apart at the slightest bit of stress. What I never realised was how badly traumatised we all were by this incident and how 4 women became so mamed and destroyed each so differently from that day on. My father carried on trying to find acceptance and approval in a constant stream of women, getting remarried and divorced. My mother attracting the worst of the worst and I was left alone to be subjected to all of this with nobody to guide me support me and constantly being told I am too old for this. Neither one of my parents my father being the abusive Bully and my mother the self righteous martyr and victim refused to take responsibility for anything. My sisters got married had children, the eldest sister attracting the likes of my father men who betrayed her and couldn’t take responsibility. My middle sister married a man who abandoned her and rejected her but to this day they are living together in seperate rooms codependently as friends. Here I am writing this as a victim, martyr, bully to afraid to love another man struggles in all types of relationships because of my wounds of rejection, abandonment, criticism, betrayal, abuse of every kind which I too am guilty of and am writing to someone or something I have no clue of only because it’s an attempt to be heard or seen without having to disclose who I am because I am ashamed of the results of what happened all those years ago and so have remained the wounded angry child and now it’s time for me to shed my past take hold of my inner child and become a responsible adult only needing to take care of me without blaming, naming or shaming others on account of feeling so angry, scared, sad and alone. This is the end of the road for a self that was never ever truly me, a self that has held myself back from my full potential all because of my past. I give my mother, father and sisters back all their self hatred, no self esteem, no self worth and all their lack of self acceptance and self love and choose to forgive them, accept them and love them as they know no better. But most important is myself and I choose to forgive myself for knowing no better and only having done my best and choose to let the past go as an old sad story which has expired a long time ago and accept my reality of where I find myself today at the beginning of a new path not knowing what to expect but following the positive advice and suggestions of the people that care and love me. It is time to start loving and accepting myself and being kind to myself pleasing myself and stop looking for anybody’s approval other than mine and Gods. God like me is my protector, my mother, my father my everything and in truth is worthy of my trust, my love, my kindness, my respect and honor and I choose to forgive him too for not always understanding why he allowed me to find myself in institution after institution. He has been there always as my safety net and watching over me even though I sinned and made terrible mistakes he still loved me unconditionally knowing I was doing the very best I knew how. I have despite all of this achieved a lot in my life, never given up despite wanting to because the pain I was inflicting on myself was too much to bear the cross I was carrying was too much to bear. Here I am still standing and about to embark on fulfilling my dreams with nothing or nobody besides God to be by my side and in fact I forgive myself for ever believing that I have my faults but am still the best and really would choose me over anyone I know to be my best friend as I am blessed abundantly and am proud of myself against all odds that once again I am coming back ten times stronger, wiser and more true and loving with strong boundaries, strong morals and high values knowing I am responsible for what I choose so the lesson is forgive and accept all lovingly and lightly as I am only human and so is everybody else doing the best we know how and loved so intensely by this energy or higher power that I have come to know as God. Love and light to you all and well done for doing the best you know how. Thank you to my mother, father and sisters for being my greatest teachers. God bless

I forgive Patrick for being such a slavedriver. May god have mercy on your soul for being such an asshole.

What can I say my whole life has been an ongoing continuous forgiving….

With love in my heart I forgive myself and all those’s I perceive as having hurt me!! Peace within and to all on Mother Earth

I forgive my body for having cancer and breaking through treatment – you fought it and won and I am sorry that I blamed you. I forgive you and I love you. I forgive all who have hurt me because you have made me the person I am today. Peace be with you all x

I have heard that forgiveness is really about you and not the other person. Allowing yourself to hold anger in your heart only creates stress for you and not the person you are mad at. I forgive because it brings me the peace I want in my life and choose to move forward and not dwell on the past.

I forgive everybody in advance, always did always will – Peace Love & Harmony

My first experience with ho’oponopono, was when i used this powerful technique about a year ago to heal some past life stuff that I discovered. I’d had a lot of questions answered, but the new information was so sad and I was dealing with an enormous amount of grief, sadness, and quilt that weren’t current, yet they were unspeakably heavy and strong. A close friend and therapist shared ho’oponopono with me and I began to use it.

I would do it every time I felt the waves of sorrow overwhelm me, and continue until the waves of sorrow and grief etc subside. Each time it was less severe.

The interesting thing about it was that I could tell where I was stuck in the process each time, by how intense the emotion was, so I would just slowly repeat each phrase, and try to really feel each statement as I said it, until it eased and stopped.

After several days it all stopped and I felt the relief and release of forgiveness of self, both present and past, for the sad things from my past that I should have released ages ago.

The sense of freedom and relief was accompanied by a profound sense of peace and gentleness. And it brought with it a sense of deeper compassion towards others as well.

I learned to forgive when I was 29. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Yet it was so freeing! As soon as I started to forgive, the hell that I had been living in gave way to happiness. Gone was the suicidal depression that I had struggled with every day of my life. I have lived joyfully since for going on 20 years. Forgive. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.

I forgive myself for taking abortion when i was young. I have haten myself everyday for 12 years now. Also i forgive my two best friends for becoming best friends when I was a kid. A kid who was too proud to tell the adults how they physically abused and bullied me, like telling me that they were classifying me to be under them. I forgive myself for beeing a proud girl, no tears, no complains. I forigve myself for beeing so strong sometimes that I let others get the pride. I choose to suffel to in silence. Silence is my peace. I forgive myself for letting the past making me depressed. I can never forget. But I have to forgive myself, them (they have no idea how much they affected me). I accept. I forgive. I get back my freedom. Life goes on. Just teach your kids to stand up and talk with the adults…witch I unfortunately never did.

I would like to forgive the next door neighbour who abused me, the family friend I told and got told by them I was a bad child, I was only 6 yrs old, I would like to forgive my Dad who’s birthday it is today 3rd August, who always put me down, I was never good enough, he hit me and my Mum but I want to forgive him

I forgive my former friend who chose to believe a lie and tell lies on me. I also forgive her for not talking to me anymore and choosing not to help me with my art work anymore. I hope she has a blessed life, I choose to let go of the hate I have for her.

I forgive my parents for raising me in a cult and emotionally/psychologically abusing me. I forgive myself for not letting anyone get too close to me.

~I Forgive Myself For Not Accepting Myself As I Am~
~I Forgive Myself For Allowing Myself To Be Reactive To Others~
~I Forgive Myself For Allowing Myself To Be Hurt By Other’s Actions And Words~
This is MY Work…I am working on forgiving myself fully…

dear mona, from the beginning we saw us first, i had a colorful light deep into my heart. thanks for everything in this last 14 month…. since sept 2013 where we arrived at mathilden we both faced our deepest fears staying 2gether and trying 2 face und solving these fears.. all this time a lightful new being living in ur belly tried to show us BOTH how to live how to act und how to forgive. our tears, our fears brought us both to breaking up our wonderful visions, our staying 2gether and muc much more.. starting with this march i faced a lot of deep pains getting humiliated, humbled, …and even unmanned by a part of ur being, we called the painful witch…beloved fay / elf and lightboy i feel every blink that deep in ur heart dear mona there is a lightful 2gether with and around you, baby and me.. so forgive all these pains deep in my heart und let me say thanks sooom uch for every single moment… i love u…p

I need to forgive my step-father who molested me in all possible ways. May his soul find peace.

I forgive someone who let me down, and betrayed our relationship, and I forgive the mean-spirited way he last spoke to me. That is his path to sort out, and I do not have to make it mine.

I need to forgive my ex-husband. He’s chosen alcohol over me & our 3 amazing sons. He made me become a struggling single mom for the last 12yrs. At times with no food or money, fightin to keep utilities & rent paid, doin my best to be mom & dad. His actions steady tearin down what I worked so hard to build. He is the reason for the pain in my sons eyes. I’ve taught them to be the soldiers they are & I’m blessed to have such wonderful sons. They haven’t let their pain hold them down. Now 22, 20 & 18yrs old. On August 3rd I vow for myself to forgive this man. Thanx to you guys & The Almighty

i am trying to forgive myself

I want to forgive a girl I feel deeply for. She was in a rough place in her life and I just wanted to me her happy and call her my girl. She ended up falling for me but couldn’t verbally admit it to me for the longest time…I want to forgive you that you could only say it to me when you were drinking and you knew how it made me feel. you say you owe me the world because I pulled you out of the darkest time of your life but all I wanted was your heart. I forgive you for being with someone else…

I forgive everyone who treated me unintentionally. I know you both dont mean it. I know miserable environment and stresses brought us to inevitable outcomes today. Please forget the histories and appreciates what you are having now. I also wholeheartedly seek for forgiveness to everyone been tarnished by my harsh words due to my ignorant. Whatever have been said, no way to be deleted, only solution is to ask for forgiveness. Please accept my thousand apologies. Kenneth Way

I am broken hearted. I grieve the loss of love that we shared… I forgive you for how you allowed your own pain, and fear to twist and cut into me. How you put me down, constantly, and then you had him create lies that would tear me from a job I loved, and people I had served . Taking me away from a job I loved. I forgive the fear that silenced my co-workers as they watched me be hurt, and continued on in silence. I forgive myself for internalizing what was not my own. For silencing the power and strength of my voice. For losing a job I loved.

I would like to forgive my ex partner, he abandoned myself and our business, broke my heart and turned my beautiful world upside down, Id like to forgive his initial behaviour and id also like to ask forgiveness on his behalf, I know this will be troubling him deeply :(

August 1, 2014

When I was 17, my best friend died from bacterial meningitis. The world, my perception, and my faith had all shifted with that one phone call. For over a year, I dealt with PTSD and became obsessive with finding all the “answers” to Life. I just wanted to know Why.. Why him? Why me? For what reason did God illustrate this nightmare? Throughout the years, I’ve found ways to cope. Lovers, cannabis, and a little too much.. After 6 years, I found myself in Nashville, TN going through the dire motions of yet another bad relationship. When I called it quits, and moved back to my northern hometown- I spent the summer with this undeniable anger boiling inside of me. I was so mad! Mad at my ex, mad that I let someone treat me like that, mad at God for the journey I’d been granted. It wasn’t until the day that I said those words out loud for the Universe to hear.. The day that I forgave the people that’ve done me wrong, the day I forgave myself, and the day I forgave God.. That I felt the weight of the world ease off my chest. I had never really understood the anger & resentment I carried with me after all these years, until I vocally released them. Being forgiving is not letting the people in your life walk all over you. It’s not saying I’m sorry. It’s the feeling of enlightenment, of the negative energy that has been suffocating your soul.

I forgive myself closing my heart because of all the pain I feel and because of my lack of trust

I forgive my ex-husband, whom I loved with every thread of my existence, for walking out on us, taking all the money, leaving me homeless and having to move half way across the country in order to find a job I could support myself on during the economic fall in one of the hardest hit areas. I forgive him for all the years of emotional abuse, that to him, was just the way life was. I forgive him for never hearing my heart or taking anything I offered seriously. I forgive him for all the financial struggling I have experienced and for all the days I went without food, not knowing if I’d have the money to pay next months rent. Over 20 years of a life that was supposed to be lived “together” but which I existed in alone. I forgive him.
I thank my ex-husband for giving me back my life, for giving me experiences that have offered me opportunities to help others.
I still love my ex-husband with every fiber of my being, but now…I also love “me”

For me, forgiveness is something I try to live in, every day. In my life I have come to the realization that if I long for forgiveness for the grievances I’ve perpetuated against others, that I too must be willing to forgive those who have grieved me in my life. I’ve also learned that forgiveness is a loving gift we give to ourselves. When we forgive those who have harmed us, we are letting go of pain, and turning towards love. That is always a positive thing. Forgiveness is powerful and positive. It brings hope and comfort to those who live in it. Always remember that forgiving someone does not mean that you condone what has been done to you. It means you are in a place in your life that loving yourself and moving on means more than holding onto the pain, because in the long run, we are only hurting our own souls by holding on to the darkness. Let the light in and work toward forgiveness. Love, Light, Peace & Hope. xo

I forgive myself for beeing to afraid of telling my story about how humanilated I feel after beeing abused as a target individual of mental/control harassment for many years now. They do control your thoughts, emotions and body. I forgive myself because I am only a human beeing, only a young girl. Judged in psiciatrical institution for beeing mentally ill. I forgive them for thinking I was schizphren, when I knew it was all real. Targeted individuals of mind control are helpeless. We are beeing harassed 24/7. The electronical waves are only connected with you. I forgive myself for not telling my story. I rather prefer to suffer in silence. Silence is non judgmental, at least God is hearing my prayers every day. Please stop this inhuman slavery of people, but also forgive yourself. There are other people who are suffering in silence- we have NOT choosen to- but we choose to be quiet instead of not beeing belived.

I feel and express my feelings and forgive myself and everyone thoughtfully and in detail with my therapist and this really helps transform my life! Let the peace, strength, love, health, abundance, joy, wealth, and freedom come into my life and through!!

I forgive professionals for the distress, anxiety, fear and emotional pain caused to me by their actions. I forgive them for their neglect of my autistic son and grieving daughter when Nanny died. I forgive them for telling lies and bullying me so it looked like the neglect was mine when there was a investigation. They acted in fear and ignorance, they must of felt detached from the love in the universe so were lost souls too. They gave me a gift of finding my inner strength and learning how to find calm in adversity. They have honestly brought me to a better place in my life through me having to deal with every weakness in my personality through the fear and stress of the battle. I forgive you and send love back to you. Thank you so much for what you have given

I forgive my step father for terrorizing me to the point that I am not able to feel love or pure happiness as an adult. I forgive my mother for letting it happen. I forgive myself for projecting that aggression onto others, and for allowing others to treat me in the same fashion.

I forgive myself for all the pain I put myself through.

I forgive my only sister whom I have not spoken to for many years for stating my husband was a pedophile against her daughter. It was a lie, verified. You my niece. I forgive her for treating me our entire life like I didn’t matter, that I was not good enough to be her sister. I forgive myself for letting her hurt my daughter and my husband. I forgive her for not wanting to work things out. I forgive her for pushing me away when I tried for the last time to see if we could make a go at forgiveness. I forgive her and I pray our my sister that she will find peace .

I forgive myself for feeling flawed, unloved and unworthy. I also forgive my parents for not being able to show me the love and attention I longed for. And, finally, my brother for denying his own blood family.

I forgive my biological family for not wishing me well. I am one step away from eternity . I would like to cast it all into the sea of forgetfulness as God said he would do for me. and remember it no more against them. I pray that you all have your prayers granted and know the relief and freedom of forgiving.

I forgive our world leaders and corporation owners/executives for perpetuating harm on our planet and our human family. I know that they believe they are positive players and want to make meaningful contributions to the world (for the most part). I recognize that our institutions of politics and money are self perpetuating culture machines that prop up a dying status quo, and that the current “leaders” are just playing by the rules as they were taught to. I also rejoice in the building awakening all around our lovely globe! I have every confidence that as we learn to work together peacefully our victories and our healing will be swift and total. This is how we will develop new systems of economy and truly democratic governance. Thank you all! I am so happy to be circling the sun with you.

Today, I express forgiveness towards myself. I forgive myself for making irresponsible decisions concerning love and money in my past, for which I have carried the shame, guilt and anger in my heart and gut for nearly a decade, and for allowing myself to dim my light and shrink in the presence of others I perceived to be ahead of me, more intelligent, more beautiful or more courageous. I forgive myself for being afraid of my power and the success I know is my divine birth right. I forgive myself for avoiding the things I know I have to do in order to live the life I dream of, because those things scare the shit out of me and take me out of my comfort zone and opens me up to judgment and criticism from people I don’t know or may never meet. I forgive myself for constantly comparing myself to others when my true nature is to celebrate, uplift and inspire others to live and be their greatness. Lastly, I forgive myself for being such a harsh critic towards myself. Today, I embrace my humanity and send love and joy to every limb, muscle, vein and cell in my body.

I forgive my mom, i forgive myself when i was a child had to experience 10 years of war, missiles during the war in Iraq between Iran which changed my mother but i forgive, i forgive all those people around us who tried to kill us kids, i forgive my brother for beating me, since war changed him too! I forgive and i wish, i pray it will be more than only typing it all here.. Just forgive

I was born into an extremely violent and abusive environment
and i can recall absolute fear as a constant companion in the formative yeats of my life. The initial perpetrators began wuth my mother, who aftet birthing 8 kidd onto the planet, held no maternal indtincts and had given away the first 5 kids before I arrived. Her b/friend hated me and felt justified in abusing me every moment he could mentally, emotionally and physically, one memory for example was while still a toddlet, he tried drowni.g me in the bath, and scalding me under the hot tap. This couple eventually placed me into a childtens home, i wad almist 7yrs old by then, I was already traumatised by this time but had to endure further abuse from the other kids there, this conti.ued for 2 yrs before my Godparents took me in. There followrd another phase of abuse in the form of physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse, i was 9yrs old by then and it took 3yrs of this abusr before I took matters into my own hands, I reported this abuse to the police.
They in their ignorance had me removed, but swept my allegations under the carpet, i discovered years later that they thought I had made up regarding sexual abuse!!! These
experiences along with being constantly invalidated impacted on me and had left me ‘reeling’ with no self esteem, no confidence, depresdion and insecurity, i held no social skills and I did’nt trust anyone, so I retreated further and furthet into myself as a means of protection. I started taking LSD, Alchohol and Marijuana to cope, thisdtate of beingness left me open to more forms of abuse from random acquaintances. By the age of 14 I was made a ward of state and placed into a girls institution, a last resort before jail being the next option, stupid thing is I WAS’NT a ‘bad’ girl ads the system deemed me to be, I was lost, lonely and very, very confused, oh….and ANGRY. At age 17 i eas released as a ward of state, by 19yrs of age I fled to Australia. I have lived here ever since a.d have spent most of my life working hard through various counselling, and personal growth workshops to overcome the insecurities i had developed. Unfortunately, my marriage fell apart after 5-6yrs, and I lost the connection with my daughtet when she turnex 14, no explanations nor warnings this was going to. happen, so my life has been a journey in itself.Unbeknown to me I was an attractive woman, but I had to reach my early 50’s before I started to recognise this, sad eh, can be over for a lot of people by the time they reach their 50’s and for a moment i felt that was the case for me, ha ha, but the truth is i have started to feel cimfortable i. my own skin and that’s such a nice space to be in. I began to ‘Forgive’ all if my abusers and the police and this gave me more room to becime more comforyable in my own skin, another realisation is that ‘Forgiveness’ is an act of self love. I hope this shari.g will help someone else out there, and i offer up the suggestion to those struggling to come to terms in forgiving those who’ve hurt you to take one day at a time, and just do your best. Peace to you all ;) :)

i forgive myself *******

I forgive my ex-boyfriend and myself for misunderstanding each other and for pulling at each other when our paths were going separate ways. For the angry words and expectations. I truly forgive you now – I wish you only the happiest of moments and unbounded love.

July 31, 2014

I forgive my mother for not been close to me when I was a child, for take the decision of leave me with my father and her wife with only 2 years old. I know that was hard for her as was for me, I know that she didn´t want to leave, but I was a kid and I couldn´t understand it. I also want to forgive my precious father for separated so many times from me. Love you both

I forgive myself for stealing from my best friend. Nothing I can do to change the past, but the future is in my hands.

I forgive my x – girlfriend for leaving without any communication. I let go of all attachments I have to her and the sadness in my heart. I open my self to new possibilities that are in line with my truth and my path in my life. I give me permission to receive my divine partner.

My earliest memory of my biological father was on top of my mother as her would scream and hit her. So much hate and pain for so many years of my childhood. Feeling powerless of my environment. My mother ran for our lives I was 9. I didn’t see my father for 15 years and was so angry for so long. Then threw the help of my mother and an amazing therapist I forgave my father. I’ll never forget but I do forgive him. For myself, my heart. Now a parent myself I am so grateful for my childhood and experiences and ill never take my son’s childhood!

I forgive the men who raped me . I forgive myself for not taking care of myself when i was younger. I forgive my father for all the beatings he gave me and my brother and sisters. I forgive my ex for physical abuse. I forgive the people who did me wrongxxxx

I forgive a past friend for literally trying to destroy me and my whole character with my friends I introduced her to.

I forgive my sisters and brother for all of them being mean.

I forgive my sons father and his family for the lies, the mental abuse, and for trying to take my son away. I forgive you and love you.

I forgive my dad for giving my heart anxiety panic distress and grief – his actions perturbed my sense of freedom to feel loved by him unconditionally- I struggle to reconcile his choices with my needs..the best way towards forgiveness is a new slate: so I say I’ve always hated my mother and I’m crying for all the years she mentally abused and neglected and undermined my’s a lot to forgive and I am slowly peeping into my pain and shedding tears and holding my self worth and delicately stitching my core back together with my husbands love – my husband is choosing to play intermediary for me with my dad and my heart gets excited that dad and I can become best friends again like we were up until this got horribly nasty from my mother spitting poison in his heart..I’m normally kind gentle loving and I struggles over 20 years forcing myself to forgive my mother..the truth is less is required. I accept her choices to fake mental illness and to attach little personal responsibility to the outcomes of her future..forgiveness towards my own just heart is still required and I release in equal doses love for my self, my mother (her hurts are immeasurable) my husband and most directly – today – my father ..may he come to a place of givingness to me his daughter of his own volition so true peace be originated in innocence good will forged with decency and gentleness xxxxx thanks for reading my story of forgiving

I’m Mariana, 30 years old, from Brazil I was married for 5 years with a spanish man, and in the end we had to much diferences and we aren’t prepared for “just accept”, we have 2 girls Anna Flor(5) and Lorena(3), when I could not be myself anymore, thibk for myself, choose by myself, I decide to finish with our marriement, was imposible. But I had no work cause I only could be in home with the girls, and pregnant, and I wished go back to Brazil with my girls, but he dond’t accept it, and start a war. I finished in the street cause he toke our house, I had a big depression, he had a good job and they oun salary, and in that moment I only wish to kill him, and kill myself after.
I occupy a house, completly alone, no frieds, 42 kg more then the normal, and I was 18 days with no food, meditating, I went so deeply down, I don’t know how I didn’t killed myself really.
But I decide to use this time alone, for me, I started to understand that I made my best in that moment, that my paranoiya’s is I am who create it, that I need to stop with my egoism and se only what I feel, what I want, what I choose, what ppl make with me (ilusion), faults, and start TO ACCEPT, what the Universe have for me, whats the lessons that I need learn, what I can to do about life, I start to like to be alone (I had big fears about it) so I start to discover my self love but with domained ego, just love and love unconditionaly, that to be sad, angry, scared, to hate is bad, first for MYSELF, after for the Universe that just love me like a good father/mother that wanna teach u the best.
Ok, my girls is so far from me, we have no one contact by 3,5 years, cause they father decided it, but I learn the pacience, the inner peace, to accept, to love, to see the situations, not how I am, but how they really are,I learn that I can feel fear, but the fear is a friend, learn of it….. And I understood, that the father of my girls, is a people that have no spirituality, don’t believe in nothing, have him own personality, ideas, costume, and not everybody have the same evolution, we are here ALONE in this experience called life, each people have their own time, and it need to be respected, so I understand that ALL IS OK, ALL is perfect, and this is so true, that I think in my girls, I only feel the most pure and big love, the best feeling ever, and in the end, I just can feel it for their father, with another man will not be this princes (could be another one, but especialy this 2 girls, no), and I learn, to love him unconditionaly, and say thanks to him, for our girls, for the bad moments that today is only good lessons, and that this history teach me, that the pain, is inevitable, but the suffering is always optional, the life is wanderful, and the world is veeery sick, JUST LOVE, and I forgive him since my soul.

Forgive my family for not visiting me …am living alone we with mental traumatic issue in my life …am strong to stand up walk of life I forgive all my friends for being unfaithful toward me….I love my god n he forgive me for my weakness….

I forgive all the emotions that you try to take away my energy

I forgive myself for putting the needs of my loved ones’ needs first and ignoring my own. I will still care for them, and care for my own needs first :)

My story is the same as many people abuse as a child from a parent and then sexual abuse in foster care. This past shaped who I am today and who I am is a person that is more in love with life and it’s challenges. I told my story to the royal commission into child sexual abuse and for the first time in my life I forgave myself for being abused and not being strong enough to stop it .Then I forgave my parents and foster parents and am now on a mission to realize the dreams of my friend who passed away. Her dream Or should I say Elsie’s dream is to build a palliative care hospice village so that people who can’t go home to pass still have a home like environment to pass to the next world. So u see forgiveness free the spirit and the soul to fly

i forgive myself and every human being for the mistakes we have done. we needed to experience in order to become more concsious.

I forgive myself because I’m tired of carrying the blame.

I forgive the new partner of my mother for having treated me in a bad way. I love you and I completely forgive you, for I know that we are all one and only a projection of our mind! I love you and I see you as a vessel of divine light!

I forgive mankind for their stupidity that they just don’t learn from mistake in the past. The good news is that every new generation is getting us closer to humanity. Once the world ketches up with our time and respect for each other, than we will rich our goals.
Once majority of the world comes out of the middle ages and are up to par than we will need no forgiveness because we will realize we are one human race.

Eu perdoo meu enteado, minha companheira, minhas filhas e colegas pelas palavras raivosas que proferem. Gratidão.

I forgive my ex for putting me in a bad situation and a woman who uses my name to get back on him because he waw playing around and we did not know

I forgive myself for not taking the best care of myself sometimes.
Thank you,I feel better

I forgive my mother, whose birth anniversary is today, for being so angry with me for getting pregnant without being married, 50+ years ago. She wanted respectability for her family and believed I had breached that. I believe she forgave me sooner than I forgave her and I am sorry that I didn’t understand what impact it had on her; I was worrying too much about my own shame.

First of all, I forgive myself, for having a difficult past where I hurt people with angry words, problematic behaviors, and generally being an a**hole. I can only forgive myself by fully understanding the root causes behind my actions. Now I’m working on forgiving others. Forgiving them for not understanding me, shaming me and seeking revenge. They need forgiveness the most.

I forgive those in my family who oppressed, condemned, criticized and judged me and my teenaged children. I forgive myself for holding onto the rejection that I have felt over the years because of this. I continue to forgive as the pain is deep, but by the Grace of God, I have and will overcome. I AM LOVED and LOVING and LOVEABLE.

I forgive everyone who have hurt me and I forgive myself for unconsciously hurting others… Love & Peace!

I forgive myself for not taking the best care of myself sometimes
Maybe I can be a better guardian of this precious self
Thank you

i forgive my ex and his family for the abandonment and lack of understanding..they have shown towards me, the mother of a beautiful child……..god said love your enemy so i obeyed him and loved myself……

I forgive the person who broke into our house, which caused my mother to have a stroke. I am grateful that I did not take his life that night. I am grateful that my mother and I have grown much closer because of what happened.

I forgive myself for putting other men and wants before my children.I forgive their biological fathers for leaving and for the bad times we endured. I forgive my own father for not being around for me or my sister’s. I’m am happy to say that forgiving my past will comfort me in my future.

I forgive my husband for all the physical and mental abuse, the lies and cheating over 26 years of marriage. As difficult as it is, I forgive him for allowing me to go to jail for domestic violence, when I was the victim, causing our separation. Mostly, I forgive myself for allowing him to manipulate my love for him all those years. I am a stronger woman because of these experiences, but I needed to forgive him, and myself, to truly feel the freedom and peace that comes with letting go and forgiving.

I forgave my father for sex abuse me for 16 years . He was extremely violent and cruel and I could have easily die . # forgive1

I forgive my Father for never being present in my life. I am 19 years old and had the opportunity this past weekend to call him for the first time and hear his voice. He has never spoken to me ever since the day I was born and has not been open to being in relationship with me. I stated my desire to be in relationship with him and he voiced his is not open and wishes to keep things the way they have been. I am beyond grateful to hear his voice and to tell the man that gifted me the opportunity of life that I love him and with that opportunity I am committed to creating the change I wish to see by how I show up in life. It was probably the most scary thing I could’ve done and I am not attached to the results and honor and respect his choice. Love>Fear. With love, of love, for love. We are One. Namaste~

I forgive myself …muy previous ME

I forgive my son’s father for spewing hateful words and running away when he found out I was pregnant. And I forgive the father of my unborn baby in heaven for the same reasons. I don’t quite forgive myself yet for the abortion but I might someday. Grateful to have my beautiful boy to instill in him a strong respect for women.

I forgive the father of my son for running in fear

July 30, 2014

I forgave my brain, with a loving heart.

I forgive myself. I make a lot of mistakes. Never on purpose.

This is a tough one, but when I was a Freshman in college at Cornell University a law student named Eric___ who I had spent time with attempted to rape me. There was a huge struggle and I managed to escape. I never told anyone about this incident and I’ve been carrying at a dark memory ever since. I have not forgotten, but I do forgive you Eric.

I forgive the sleepers for they know not what they do, Fathers who abandon their own son’s and wives, parents who put themselves first but most of all the Evil towards humanity, Animals and this Beautiful earth we are blessed with! it will be a better day and i will never stop even if it takes life times to achieve! Thank you for this opportunity x

I forgive my uncle for harassing me sexually every week-end, for 6 months, when i was 6 y.o.
It took me a lot of time to be able to forgive, but i was able to do it at 44 y.o. finally!
And i forgive myself for thinking it might have been my fault, or any thoughts i had about that event.

I forgive me for being stressed out today.

I forgive the mother of my kids for attacking me with words and anger this morning. I love you

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