On June 21st, 2015 we invite you to participate in the GLOBAL SYNCHRONIZED YOGA + MEDITATION JOURNEY!

If you are a Yoga Teacher, organise an event from a studio, at home, in a park etc! Just call it “UNIFY Yoga Journey” and register it on the map below!

We will all begin with a global synchronized sun salutation for 15 minutes At 12 Midnight GMT (4pm PDT), and end with a Global Synchronized Meditation at 5pm PDT. In between this, practice whatever form of Yoga you teach, whether it be ashtanga, kundalini, vinyasa or others.

Even if you can't attend a World Yoga Day event, please join us wherever you are for the meditation at 6pm PDT and tell your friends and family to join you!

Become a unify organizer

Want to organize a UNIFY Yoga Journey in your studio, home, city center, park or beach? Sign up with your name and email and we will send you instructions. If you are already an organizer, then just click the "CREATE AN EVENT" button below and register your event to the map.


Fight Stress and
Find Serenity
The word "Yoga" means Unify in Sanskrit. Yoga is a system developed in India to align our mind, body and consciousness with “prana”: the electromagnet pulse that energizes all life. Yoga is a non-denominational way for us to find greater connection, inner peace, and has grown into a movement of over 250 million practitioners worldwide.